Wednesday, 28 January 2015

4 reasons why I love Instagram

Hello beauties! 

It's not a secret I am a massive fan of Instagram you can check me out HERE, I whittle on and on about it on twitter and facebook but a lot of people have recently told me they don't use it that much as they are unsure how, which  for me seems a little crazy I'd pick Instagram over Twitter any day! It's a super useful tool that has helped my grow my blog leaps and bounds over the past 6 months! So I thought today I'd tell you just why I love it so much!

1. The Inbetween - As previously stated in my last post I'm pretty lazy and at the moment going through a bit of tough time with my anxiety which in turn makes it hard for me too concentrate Instragram is the perfect in-between that requires minimal effort but still reaches out. I generally try to get up at least 2 photos a days including one mini review of a beauty product. It's super easy and super effective and reaches out to people everywhere when using the right hashtags. 

2. Hashtags - Twitter has hashtags but I can sometimes only fit in one at a tops two when I write a 140 character sentence, Instagram is pretty much unlimited(not true but no ones going to put over 20 unless your crazy!) I try to stick to a few main ones #bbloggers #beautyblogger #makeupaddict #beauty being the top 4! These hashtags are looked at and followed by people all around the world with the same interests as me. So when you use them your actually reaching out to hundreds of like minded people. Which I think is pretty amazing. 

3. The preview - For me my Instagram works as a portfolio for my blog, a quick glace at what's to offer if you know what I mean, I try my best to put the best photos out possible this being the case. I've had far more companies contact via my instagram then I ever had through twitter. The best way I feel to help this is to just put out bright clear and eye catching photos with engaging captions, it really is easy.

4. The connection - Like I just said I've connected with so many brands via my Instagram, a few of my favourites being Simon & Tom and Seventeen! They both run by some super lovely people and it's nice to know they are continually interested in what I'm putting out there. Aside from that it's a really great place to make some blogging buddies, you just can't be afraid to make the first move, write a comment, start a conversation I've met some of the loveliest ladies on instagram, and I thank them loads for always giving me a boost when needed!

So that's it really, I think in a few weeks when I can actually put a sentence together(sorry if it's hard to read, I'll probably re-edit it at some point.) I'll put together a post on how I monitise my feed and make sure everything reaches maximum audiences and how I help it grow. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

How do you feel about Instagram?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Lazy Guide To Blogging.

Hello beauties!

Small little disclaimer just before I start! I am by no means an amazing blogger, I don't claim to be anywhere near a professional level. However it is something I really enjoy doing and is something I'll continue to do for a very long time. However I am as lazy as they come and probably the most un-organised person you'll ever meet. So today I wanted to share with you a few fun and light hearted ways I keep on track of everything with minimal of effort.

'The sweetness of doing nothing.'

Scheduling those tweets! - This is my biggest tip when it comes to blogging, I'm so forgetful so I never remember to post on twitter constantly to advertise my new post or leave my bloglovin link, however I have found a way around this. Using websites such as Twuffer(you can schedule more the one post individually for as many days/weeks/months as you have time to do.) or Bufferapp(you can scheduled days at a time, I get 2 days with 4 tweets and 1 day with 2 tweets out of it at one time, I use this for my bloglovin link, this one is much quicker but needs updating every 3 days unless you pay.) It seems like a lot of hard work but in all honesty taking 45 minutes out every three days for both saves me time and I don't have to worry about forgetting to promote my blog, new posts or bloglovin!

The Vault! - I have a secret little corner on my computer I like to called 'the vault' it holds all the blog photos I've yet too put on my blog. I've always taken blog photos in bulk, I spend a couple of hours every other week doing it, it's a little laborious but once they are all taken and uploaded I can pull them out and edit them when needed. I also find this really handy if I've not pre-prepared a post(most of the time) and I can randomly select something out. 

Know your stuff - I don't pre-write any of my beauty posts, only text post like these. So for me I have to know all about the product I'm using and I'll have to of used it a good while before-hand to make sure I can give a 100% truthful review to my readers. As long as you know what you are writing about, writing them on the day and publishing it the next few hours shouldn't be a hard task. If I don't feel I know enough yet about it yet the product stays in the vault until I do. 

Reply - One thing I am shockingly bad at is replying to people via email. Don't get me wrong I read every single email I get but I think 'I'll reply to that later' low and behold I never do(sorry!). So a really simple tip is to reply straight away. When I apply this tip I often get 'thank you for the fast reply' so not only does it work in your favour but it helps the person emailing you too.

Get someone else to do it! - I'm totally kidding, but now and again when my brains not functioning properly and I feel like I've got all the words in my head but they refuse to be typed I get my fiancĂ© to proof read my posts before I publish them he's a clever sausage who knows all about the English language and grammar (unlike myself), if not I publish-read-rewrite-read-rewrite until it's perfect, Besides it's always good to get someone else's opinion! 

So that's it really, they aren't massive things to do in the scale of things and shortening the time of most things means I have more time for other things, which in term makes me feel like my blog is my hobby and not a chore! Let me know if this is helpful to you in anyway and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!


*Not sponsored just websites I like to use! 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Unicorn Horn

 Hello beauties! 

I don't think I'll ever get tired of photographing lush products especially when they are as beautiful as this one. I actually picked this Unicorn Horn up on the launch day of all the valentines products a few weeks back as I just couldn't control myself, 

Of course the first thing to draw me in is the shape! I'd never seen a bubble bar like this before, but I actually really love it, there was no need for me to chop it in half(I try to get 2 uses out of each one.) It just snapped in half using my hands, The other thing of course is the eye-catchingly wonderful colours, pink, blue, purple and yellow all swirled together really giving the 'unicorn horn' to really emphasize it's name! It also has little stars mine only had two but I've seen others with loads and it's infused with a beautiful silver lustre dust!

The smell is something I really adore in fact be a plain jane bubble bar and I would still love it just as much, just as long as it still had the smell! Heavy top notes of lavender is the first thing that'll hit you, but it's not the strong overpowering synthetic lavender smell you sometimes get, this smells like lavender straight off the plant, floral and a little woody. When I used to live at home we had a 8-9ft wide and about 5ft tall lavender plant in the front garden so I can assure you it smells identical, reminds me of sitting in the garden on a hot summery day, perfect! I can also smell the soothing and relaxing Neroli although I can never pin point the exact scent of Neroli which I find super bizarre as I think I'm pretty good at it! Whatever it is however I can tell you I like and it works perfectly with strong florals like lavender and rose. I'm not even sure if its known for its scent more or its relaxing aromatherapy uses, it's great for people who suffer with panic and anxiety! 

I used half a bar in my last bath, which was more then enough and created a mountain of bubbles. My whole bathroom smelt of lavender which was so perfect, I thought the bath might turn blue but much to my surprise it turned a deep lilac, but looked super beautiful with the silver lustre running through it I really wish I nabbed a photo but I completely forgot. 

I 100% recommend this to anyone who loves lavender or is struggling to get to sleep in the evenings, I drifted off within an hour of getting out the bath, which is pretty impressive for me as I normally spend hours on my phone before I actually sleep! They are also of course limited edition as they are part of the Valentines range and it retails in at £3.25 a bar which is middle of the road for lush bubble bars.

Have you tried anything from the Valentines range?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Letting Happiness Lead The Way

For as long as I can remember I've never known what path to take in life.

As a child I just remember wanting to be a school teacher, vet or even a popstar the typical things a 6 year old girl would think about. I don't personally remember this but it's a story my mum tells me all the time, at young age I told her 'I don't want to grow up mum, I want to stay little forever.' which I think is a pretty profound thing for such a small innocent mind to think but sitting here at 22, I still feel the same. 

Uniformity and tight scheduled scare me beyond anything, repeating the same thing over and over in my mind is tedious. I could think of nothing worse then routine. Which is probably why I never see myself in full time work. My affinity with freedom has come at a price as I teenager I rebelled against school, sitting in one room for over an hour listening to a drone of information that made my brain switch off instead of on wasn't for me. Laughing, enjoying people and enjoying moments is what my heart butterflied for back then and as I look back on it now I sometimes kick myself for not trying harder but almost all the time, I smile.

I might not have the dream career but working in retail however stimulates my brain and keeps me occupied for a few hours, my customer service skills are amazing I enjoy seeing other people smile and I talk to everyone like they are family, Working in retail also gives me a security that having a full blown career never would, I can leave at any time, not saying I ever would as I currently love my job but just knowing if it ever got to me or pushed me too far I could drop it like in a second and move on to the next one without a second thought. 

In my personal life I suppose letting happiness lead the way has given me a different outlook. I don't constantly have to be on the move and sometimes I won't be seen for weeks, I'll just be in my happy little bubble. I go through phases of enjoying different things the last few months I've done nothing but shop, shopping was the source of happiness and now that's subsiding slightly and doing nothing but relaxing. watching TV and being with my fiancĂ© is filling me up with so much contentment, that's what I like the most, having the power to do what I want all the time, If it makes me happy then I'll do it plain and simple. 

It's not for everyone and know way am I saying this is how you should live, this is just what my life is like, there are other reasons why including some serious anxiety issues as to why I've chosen this direction but I feel like that's for another post! I want to look back when I'm old and grey and think 'gosh I was so lucky to be that happy.'

What makes you happy?

Monday, 12 January 2015

Wella SP Luxe Oil Elixir

Hello Beauties! 

Another hair oil you gasp? It's safe to say with my hairdressing background I do love hair products, and trying new one's is perhaps one of my favourite things to do. I was sent this one from the lovely people over a

Wella are a brand I'm pretty familiar with as it's a professional brand used widely in lots of salons around the world. Having such a well known name you can expect good things from it which I need. This Luxe Oil* claims to do a whole number of magical things. One thing I really like about this bottle is it's appearance, made with heavy glass and metallic gold lettering it not only feels really luxurious but it also looks great just about anywhere you put it. It also comes with a handy pump so there is no wastage. 

The oil isn't actually that thick at all but you only need the tiniest amount unless of course your hair is really damaged, infused with 3 times more keratin(the main protien in our skin and nails). This is actually where I don't like this product, if your hair is damaged(broken mid-lengh, frizzing, fried or has the texture of chewing gum) you do need that added keratin but if like me you only have split ends and your structure is fine, I'd probably opt for a nut oil(e.g Argan). This however is completely personal and I know some people love the extra keratin, I just also want to add its not just this product I don't like keratin in it's every product I've tried, it leaves my hair really lank and weighed down.

However I did find some good points to this hair oil, one being after applying to wet hair my hair dried in half the time it usually takes, which is a massive help for me as my hair has grown long blow drying has become so laborious. I also loved how soft it made my hair feel, I also felt as though it had 'plumped' each hair giving my hair an almost fluffy texture which I actually liked as my hairs all one length and trying to get the smallest amount of volume is hard work! 

So all in all, I think this hair oil would be perfect for people with really damaged hair due to over processing or bleach, I love using hair oil? What's  your favourite?
*product was sent to me for review all opinions are 100% my own

Thursday, 8 January 2015

A letter to myself at 14

#the beauty edition

Hello Jamie-Lee,

Even though your only 14 you know all too well who you are inside and out. Your personality is something we will talk about on another day but for now I want to give you some advice, a little girl talk. Make-up, hair and your style are so important to you right now and they always will be but you made some mistakes sweetie;

- You found your holy grail of make-up around 12 and your still learning to master the delicate art, eyeliner, the second you put that little flick of black over your eyes you imminently found something within yourself, not only did it define your eyes but it defined you too.  Just please remember, cute cat flicks or elongated wings are the way forward not panda eyes that will smudge and end up halfway down your face by 3pm, ease up on the lower lash line and you'll be fine. 

- Wash your face, it sounds stupid I know! I can see you rolling your eyes and tutting. You know when I say 'wash your face' I don't mean with a face wipe. Go to the sink, right next to your bedroom use some water and keep that up every morning and night make it part of your routine, if you could only see what damage those wipes have done you'd soon change your mind and it wouldn't feel like such a chore. 

- While we are on the subject of your face stay away from dream matte mousse, tell mum right now to ban you from buying it from this second onwards. While you think plastering that stuff on gave you a perfect airbrushed looking face I can 100% guarantee you look bad, and probably orange. Wash it off cake face and don't look back. 

- I know part of your identity now is to dye your hair and that's okay but don't even think about dying it blonde Jamie, You'll think its beautiful until you get home to the people who love you most and all of them give you the 'yeah... it's... lovely.' look with sideways glances that make you second guess yourself and the dodgy choice you've just made. You'll go to the mirror and have a good cry because yes, in fact you do look like big bird. 

I've searched for years for photo evidence of you at this age but these were the days of myspace and in a blind rage over something I can't even remember now you deleted that, so keep calm and don't delete your myspace you'll kick yourself for years! Your so unique even now and you know it too, your passion for make-up and hair and everything 'girl' is something you'll have and it'll only get deeper as you get older, so embrace it and grab every opportunity that comes your way,

If you had the chance to tell your younger self some beauty advise what would you say?

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Body Shop Face Masks

Hello Beauties!

So I just posted about The Body Shop Seaweed range but today I thought I would round of my skincare posts with a mini review of each of these face masks I've recently picked up! I've had a good trail run of each of these so I feel its an appropriate time to give my opinion. 

Vitamin E Skin-In Moisture Mask - Before buying this one I had never tried a moisture mask, the first thing I noticed is the smell which I really like it makes me feel super relaxed! the texture however is really similar to a thick moisturiser. I smoothed this one concentrating on any dry areas, then left it for a good 10-15 minutes. Once washed off and my face dried my skin felt really smooth but not as smooth as I would have liked to have been later on in the night I moisturised again which I didn't think I'd have to do, but for a quick fix I really enjoyed it!

Seaweed Iconic Clay Mask - This is my favourite of the three, I apply this once every two weeks now as previously I applied it once week and found it was a pretty drying on the skin. I smooth a medium to thick amount on my whole face focusing on my nose/cheeks and jaw line, I then leave it on till it dries which isn't the best feeling, very tight but what I do notice is this sinks into my pores like nothing i've ever seen before. When I rinse it of my skin feels so so smooth and really refreshed although a healthy dose of moisturiser is needed!

Tea Tree Face Mask - This is my second favourite, it smells of Tea Tree (unsurprisingly!) which I really that that 'clean' smell. I put a thin layer of this from the top of my cheeks to my chin, it dries like the Seaweed mask but it's not tight like that one it's pretty comfortable I left this on for 15 minutes although it could of done with a few minutes longer I think. I had a few acne spots around my chin area and I kid you not, it pulled all the impurities out of them so they we sitting above the mask, Pretty gross I know but I though it was amazing! apart from that when I washed it all off my skin felt soft but not as soft as with the seaweed mask. 

All in all I've got to say these masks are amazing! They really do what they say they do, which I think is the best thing about them often people buy other masks that claim to do extraordinary things yet they sit on the skin and do little more then the everyday moisturiser. For £2 a pop I actually get 2-3 uses out of each one, so they are completely worth the money. I couldn't find them all on the online website but I know both sachets and full sizes are available in stores!

What's your favourite face mask?

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Make-Up Revolution Girl Panic Palette

Happy weekend beauties, I hope you've all had a good one!

Just a quick note, I've just brought my own domain so you'll now be able to find me at instead just bare with me while I figure it out and sort out all my links and things!

I was recently sent this Girl Panic* palette from Make Up Revolution. Extreamly well known in and outside of the blogging world, they've really come up trumps this year are are swiftly becoming one of my favourite highstreet brands due to the amazing quality and affordable price. A palette like this one will cost you around £6, which is almost 4x less then the higher brand competitors, having recently tried one I can honestly say this highstreet version knocks the socks off the bigger and higher brands. I'm also super looking forward to this year as they've said they are releasing even more items too their 500+ collection definitely a brand to keep a close eye on! 

Girl Panic is a great all round palette, featuring 12 shimmer shades and 6 matte shades, They are all beautifully pigemented and I really love that there is little to none fall out on the mattes which is something that really annoys me as dark colour fall on my fair skin really don't look good! I adore the top row, the shimmer pinks and rose golds are perfect for adding a little bit of sparkle to everyday looks without being over board! However I also really like the matte shades, the first three are perfect for lids and the last three make the best cut crease shades, easy as pie to blend and the pay off is beautiful! 

Over all these palettes are just amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone who really loves make-up! I'm dying to try the lipsticks/lip hugs and the new released highlighters! Have you tried anything from Make-Up revolution? if so I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

*item sent for review all opinions are 100% my own

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Body Shop Seaweed Travel Essentials

Hello beauties!

Recently I've been trying to be more active in the way of skincare, It's never really interested me but after a recent good look at my skin and the damage years of dismissal and 'I'll start tomorrow's' have done quickly prompted me to re-think my actions and look into buying some good skincare items, So I went off to The Body Shop and using an amazing code got this little travel sized set for a bargain £7.50(usually £11).

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream - I've never used a mattifying cream before so I wasn't sure what to expect, It has a slightly usual texture, not quiet a cream and not a gel somewhere comfortably in the middle. It leaves my skin super soft and moisturised, my pores also look slightly smaller/blurred. 

Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash - This is probably my favourite of the 4, I use it with an exfoliating facial sponge also from The body shop. It lathers up into a lovely soft foamy wash and my skin feels so so clean after using it too, this also tightens my pores!

Seaweed Clarifying Toner - I hadn't ever used a toner so I didn't know what to think or it and i'm still not 100% sure what it is for. When I use this after cleansing it stings a little, nothing unbearable and then once the stinging goes down my skin looks plump and poreless and it also feels very refreshed! 

Seaweed Night Treatment Serum - I love applying this just before I go to bed, it's a really lightweight formula that sinks in really fast, It doesn't sit on my skin or leave a greasy residue which I really like about it. When I wake up my skin is lovely a smooth and plumped out with tightend pores.

Overall, I really like this little set and I will definitely be keeping up with using these as I've seen a really good improvement so far! I'd highly recommend it to someone just getting into skincare like myself as it's uncomplicated, easy to use and really gentle. 

Have you used The Body Shop skincare before? I'd love some more recommendation! 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Degustabox Christmas 2014


Today I have a special Christmas edition of the Degustabox! I really do love getting these boxes every month and if you don't know about them I'll give you the low down! 

Degustabox are a monthly subscription box that provides 9-12 items most of which are new to the market! You can get this for £12.99 a month including postage HERE but using the code  ' GR1K9 ' to get £3 off your first order 

Eisburg - An alcohol free wine! These are actually pretty cool if you like the taste of wine but not the affects of the alcohol, the also come in Chardonnay, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling. 

Popchips - I've had these before in a box and they were so yummy, Popped with heat they make the perfect snack if your watching what you eat at only 100cals per serving! 

Kent's Kitchen - I still haven't used the other one of these but its actually really handy as that one is mild(for me) and this one is a spicy madras(for my fiance) so when we feel like a curry it'll be perfect! 

Frylight Infuse Garlick - You'll have no need for poured oil if you using this and its the perfect way to add a garlic flavour with just a few simple sprays!

Bahlsen - Continental Milk Chocolate butter & caramel biscuits, I love these they aren't new but they are well loved by me and my family with a cup of tea!

Bonne Maman - Coarse Orange Marmalade made with fresh, zingy thick peels. I can see this being opened on christmas morning! My mum will love it! 

  Pukka Herbs - If you follow me on instagram(@glitterinfatuat) you'll know I adore the Matcha supreme green tea from pukka herbs so I was super delighted to see this green tea and lemon blend! Looking forward to trying this one too!

Gloworm - Probably the most interesting items in the box, I received 4 really rather unique flavours, they call it a 'mixer' but on the can it says its a 'stimulating' drink with caffine, so I take its a energy drink/mixer! I'm actually really interested to see what the unique flavours taste like and the cans are so cute! 

The Chia Co - As usual my camera had a malfunction and the photo I took of this one disappeared into thin air! In the little packet contains one 'just add water' oats that don't contain dairy and a sachet of chia seeds which are source of omega 3m fibre and high in anti-oxidants. I've wanted to try Chia seeds for so long so I'm excited about this one!