Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment Review

Hello Beauties!

I hope you all had an amazing break over the Christmas holiday! I know for sure I did, maybe enjoyed it a little bit to much as I've found it so hard getting back into the swing of things but alas I am back at work and back at working hard on my blog. 

Being a brand I had never heard of I was a little put back but I thought I would give it a go for a week and see how well it worked and how it benefited my hair personally. Tom himself messaged me via instagram to tell me this treatment sells well in Spain, and I can undoubtedly see why. Packaged in a heavy glass bottle with a bright eye catching yellow and purple label that feels super luxurious, this sweet floral smelling amber treatment is held. I am such a sucker for a hair oil can you tell? The bottle is 100ml but feels much more weighty then that and I think that's due the the high quality of the packaging. 

I generally use this hair oil when I've washed my hair and blow dried it until it's not dripping wet. I actually use about a ten pence size piece because my hair is thick but this won't be for everyone so thin hair i'd use less. I then smooth it in a work in into my ends for a few minutes, concentrating on the hair the frames my face as this is where I get the most damage. While I then blow dry my hair and style as usual I can smell just how lovely this hair treatment is, My favourite thing about it is it leaves no residue what so ever, just soft, easily manageable hair. 

Now, over 2 weeks of using this hair oil when I wash my hair(which I counted is about  8-9 times) I feel I can give you a lowdown on what it's done for me, First up my hair shines, it shines so much so people have felt the need to tell me, Secondly it's in amazing condition although I still have split ends (I'm desperate for a hair cut!) they aren't coarse anymore and they don't jut out at funny angles ruining that 'just straightened chic. Now the biggest change for me, and possibly the best... I was loosing a fair amount of hair due to breakage and the weather(I think) and I was really starting to worry but two weeks on and I can say my hair loss/breakage has dramaticly declined and my hair appears to be thicker and stronger and I've got nothing to thank for it apart from this amazing hair treatment! 

Simon & Tom's website is currently under a revamp that'll finish early in the new year but they will be realising new items too so I'm happy to wait and see what else they have, If the Morrocan hair treatment is anything to go by I'm sure it is going to be amazing! but for now you can buy it HERE & HERE it is a little pricey at £29.90 but I whole heartedly would recommend it to anyone wanting better and more beautiful hair.  

Hair oils/treatment, what's your favourite?
*Item was sent for review all opinions are 100% my own

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  1. I've never heard of this before but it sounds like such a great product. I think I might have to invest in some and try it on my own hair.

    Beka. xo