Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hair Removal.. The 411.

It's nearly Christmas beauties, I'm so excited!

Today seeing as it is the all famous party season of the year I thought I would do a run down on the different types of ways we can if we choose of course to remove the hair from our bodies, focusing on the legs! Sometimes thick black tights just don't look right with that cute little dress, am I right? I've got my research hat on and this is what I've found!

Shaving - Probably the most well known way of removing the hair from our legs, I think almost everyone at one time or another has whipped out a razor on the days they've 'forgotten' let's face it, it's quick and pretty cheap.  The downside of course, razor burn, itching, ingrowing hairs and the rate of grow back, which is generally 48 hours. The best thing you can do is get yourself a good razor, I would recommend the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor for a moisture boost! 

Epilating - Not the most popular due to the pain cause by this option rotating tweezers pull multiple hairs out at once but once pulled out which may mean going over the same place more then once to grab every hair. They are also pretty expensive I think it's one of those items that you would want to pay for better quality but a one off payment and regular cleaning and maintenance to your epilator will mean you can do it every few weeks instead of every few days. I hear tons of great things about the Braun range that you can pick up HERE this one also comes with all kinds of fancy gadgets!

Waxing - Another popular option! Be it at a salon or using a home system like this one from Parissa either way warm/hot wax is applied to the area a piece of cloth is then placed over the top and as its tightly pulled off the hairs are torn from the cuticle. This is also a semi-permanent and you will only have to repeat it every few months, the downside to waxing, it's can irritate the skin and also causing burning, which is why I'd recommend it be done by a professional.

Laser - Laser hair removable is probably the newest way of diminishing unwanted hair, using a Laser beam focused on the actual hair follicle it will halter the hair growth eventually eliminating hair for good, the only permanent option. Claimed to be virtually pain free and long lasting but it cost a lot more and isn't recommended for sensitive skin. This of course is only to be done and a full consultation with a professional before anything is agreed! The company Sk:n Clinic* offer free consultations.

So there we go! I'd love to know what type of hair removal systems you use, as I'm sure there are others I haven't researched!


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  1. Loving post!, I hate waxing it hurts lol

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. Waxing is great because after a while it just doesn't grow back, or grows back thinner- horray! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog