Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Degustabox Winter Box 2014

 Happy Tuesday! 

I've got another lovely Degustabox for you this week! If you didn't already know you can get these monthly subscription boxes online every month from the website HERE and you will receive 9-12 new to the market items. If you would like purchase one you can use this code '1BVWK' and get £3 off your first box!

Kettle Chips - Who doesn't love these?! I know I do! This year they have brought out two limited editions for christmas one being this Salsa & Mesquite the other Stilton and Port! Both sound amazing to me!

Montano - A gorgeously bottled Italian cider made in the foothills of the Trentino region of northern Italy! 

Pip Organic - I just had a read about these an they honestly sound amazing a family run London based business that produces 100% organic fruit juices not from concentrate, I'm really looking forward to trying these! 

Cool Dawn - These are so interesting essentially a drink that will help preventing a hang over! I'm not a massive drinker but of the christmas season I do tend to have few so I more then likely will be using these and its liqourice flavour which sounds pretty yummy! 

Holy Cow - Made from all natural ingredients these lovely curry sauces are also gluten free! Perfect for when you don't know what to make, as it's half done for you!

Kents Kitchen - Flavour shots seem to be everywhere at the moment but these ones in Garlick and Coriander flavour sound so lovely! And they can be used on just about everything! 

Branston - I have to say, I love branston pickle, I even love the smell of it my grandad always used to have pickle when I was younger so the smell for me is something I remember fondly! So I was super happy to see this caramelised onion although it has made me want to run out and buy some steak to have with it! Yum!

Lindt - Who doesn't love Lindor at Christmas. These are so so good! With a hard outside casing and soft decadent middle these are just the right size for when you want a little treat! 

Drink Me Chai - This was the sample present this month and I'm really looking forward to trying it, everyone seems to love chai and I've wanted to try for ages! Described as a blend of exotic spices and sweetened tea!  

Overall, I love this months box but apart from the Lindt nothing really screams winter to me which is a little bit of shame, but none the less its still a great box and I am looking forward to trying each bit! You can also get in contact with Degustabox via social networks on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. 

What would you most like to try?


  1. I have to say my favourite from the whole box has got to be the Lindt chocolate! Love festive things :) x x


  2. I was really impressed with my box - thank you for the recommendation :) I made a curry with one of my sauces last night and it was really good! I love the Drink Me Chai... the vanilla one is amazing!! xx

  3. I got this box this month, and I got a similar selection. I never knew Branston did Caramelized Onion Chutney. I got Tomato Chutney which I'm looking forward to trying! Great review post! x