Sunday, 9 November 2014

REVLON Colorstay Nail Polish Review

Happy Sunday Beauties! 

Sorry I've been slightly slack on the blog post front, You know when you just have so much to write about but you just don't do it? It's been one of those weeks! Getting up at 5.30am has been a real struggle so if anyone has any advice on how to make it easier I would love to hear it!

Now I'm finishing work a lot earlier I've found I like to have little wonder around the shops in my town centre before coming home that's when I stumbled tired eyed into one of three poundlands on my highstreet, I tend to pop in there when I'm out of cleaning products but I ventured into the 'beauty' section and was pleasantly surprised to find these Revlon nail polishes, 

There was nothing wrong with them but in comparison to the Revlon colorstay polishes in boots, these ones don't say 'Gel Effect' so these must be what they looked like before they were re-styled/branded as everything else is the same. I picked up the colours 050 - Passionate Pink and 180 Indigo Blue there were a few more colours that I think I am going to go back for and snap up today. 

The brush is rather large a square and holds a TON of product I tend to completely wipe off one side or my nails get flooded and that way I get more control. I'd say the formula is pretty much spot on, not too wet and not to thick, it's easy to work with. I found it to dry pretty quickly which I LOVE. However, the thing I love most about these nail polishes in how well its lasted on my nails. I think I have oily nails so nail polish if bad will chip within hours. I've done every trick in the book but it always happens I envy people who can keep a polish on for longer then 3 days! That was until I discovered these beauties! I'm now 4 days in and not a chip in sight, I'm so so impressed! 

What's your favourite long wear nail polish?


  1. What a bargain! They are lovely shades too. I really like the maybelline 7 day effect nail polish - the only nail polish which will actually last a week on my nails, I love it! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I can't believe these were in Poundland, amazing! I'm so lazy with nail polishes so I may give these a go; 4 days chip-free isn't too shabby. :)

    Sam |

  3. Wow I didn't expect you to say these were from Poundland! The colours are stunning!xx

  4. Indigo Night is such a lovely shade, they sound like great polishes xx

    Ioanna |