Sunday, 12 October 2014

Degustabox September 2014

Hello Beauties!

As you know I am a MASSIVE fan of these Degustabox monthly food boxes and this month I was so impressed, I've waited a little long to post this one as I wanted to try most if not all of the items so I could tell you in more detail what they are like!  (or maybe I just like food.) Let's see how many times I say 'Delicious' in one post.

Burts Lentil Waves - Can you believe these have been invented and can I just say, how delicious can a lentil get!? I really enjoyed these crunchy, full of flavour and healthy. Bonus, Flash cooked in a Devon kitchen. 

Jordans Simply Granola - Probably the best plain granola I have ever eaten, naturally sweetened with honey these are delicious with vanilla yogurt and provide a healthy and super filling breakfast/lunch. I honestly think these would make amazing flapjacks too!

Pick Up - I'd never heard of these but trust me when I say they are GOOD, it's like a chocolate bar between two biscuits. the chocolate is like a chocolate bar not the usual 'soft' chocolate biscuit middle. Grab a cuppa and a packet of these and your afternoon is sorted. 

Elizabeth Shaw Dark Chocolate Thins - The first thing I noticed about these gorgeous thins was the smell, I'm sure we all recognise that after a certain time, after dinner chocolate but these are stronger with less sweetness the bitterness of the smooth dark chocolate really compliments the sweeter minty flavour. Delicious!

Little Miracles - Okay, I love these. I love them a lot. The green tea one is my absolute favourite, they are incredibly healthy, less the 90 calories, sweetened with agave and free from  atificial colour, flavours and sweetners. Just what I like to hear. 

Crabbies - These are also so yummy, The lemon and ginger is none alcoholic and the zesty lemon is, perfect for when your watching a movie on a Saturday night, I actually didn't try these myself as I passed them onto my fiance but he seemed more then impressed and drank them both within 2 hours. Touche crabbies.

La Vieja Fabrica Marmalade - Come on now, how pretty is this packaging? It even won a great taste award in 2011! The recipe is over 170 years old how amazing is that? I won't be eating this one though as I'm going to give it to my mum she will love it and probably place it in her kitchen display with the other 'special jams' to look pretty and of course use on those special occasions! 

Carnation - This is pretty amazing, You can add it to any savoury dishes to make it creamy including curries and quiches, I mostly see this spiralled on top and tomarto soup to make it look fancy and taste amazing. I also think this would make a gorgeous base for carbonara! 

Righteous Dressings - Last but not least we have these super cute salad dressings. I think these are so clever I always buy bottles of salad dressing open it once and then throw it away as I never use it all in the given time. These are perfect for one time servings and there is no wastage in my flat! No additives or preservatives these taste salad dressings are a winner in my books! 

So all in all I hope you can see why I was so so impressed by this months box! So many different types of foods and drinks I love being able to try something new in the food world and I would highly recommend this box to anyone with an open food mind!

If you want to check them out your self I'll put all the links here;

What do you think of this months Degustabox?


  1. The Degustabox sounds amazing! You get a LOT of food for the price too, I think I may just purchase a box myself. xx

    Grace | Glitter and Carousels

  2. Mhhm, granola is my absolute favourite so I'll deffo have to check that one out, it sounds delicious! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  3. This all looks great! I love the little baby salad dressing! Lovely seeing a review of a different kind of sample box too; great post!

    Much love, N x