Thursday, 25 September 2014

Mini Handbags Top Picks!

Mini Handbags

Hey beauties!

I'm sure we've all now become accustomed to the rising popularity of mini handbags, all over LFW this month and creeping into our highstreet stores! Just big enough for your phone and a lipstick these little bags are undeniably cute whether you like them or not. I've got to say the sequin beauty above is definitely my favourite!

What do you think of the mini handbag?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Degustabox August 2014

 Hey beauties! 
I have to say I absolutely love receiving these Degustabox's they really do pack some goodies in! This month there where drinks aplenty which is great for me as I love to drink more then eat. I did however ever have a few problems but nothing at all to do with the box, for some unknown reason to me after I had taken all the photos for this post a few where completely gone, and I couldn't retake them as I'd eaten them! You'll see what I mean at the end of the post :) Shall we move onto the contents? 

Berry White Peach & Goji Berry - With the tag line 'things don't have to be naughty to be nice' I couldn't agree more, these super healthy fruit juices are delicious, With no added sugar, one of your 5 a day and 10% of profits going towards charity, what's not to love?

Cawston Press Apple & Pear - A drink for the kids and adults alike, I have to say I was super thirsty the other day and this convenient little carton was just what I needed, apple and pear purée shaken up with water and that's it! Yummy! 

Fever Tree Tonic Water and Ginger Beer - No these are some fancy mixers! All the ingredients are specially picked from all over the world to give us these gorgeous mixers. So good 7 out of 10 restaurants have chosen them as mixer of choice. 

Caribbean Twist Strawberry Daiquiri - I have to say, I haven't drank this since I was a teenager, but I remember it being totally yummy! Poured over some ice, relaxing on the sofa I can imagine this would be the perfect drink for when your in need of a holiday!

Schwartz Fajita and Smoked Paprika Chicken - What a great idea, and such an easy easy way to add a ton of flavours to dishes that sometimes can be a little lack luster! They even come with added instructions so it honestly is as easy as a walk in the park, I am so excited to try these!

Dr Oetker Edible Cupcake Wafer - You know when you see something and you think 'why hasn't this been done before?!' this is one of those times. 6 cupcake cases that you can bake your cupcakes in and eat entirely. Genius!

Lindtt Hello Milk Chocolate Hearts - How cute are these? the perfect little gift to give to someone special. 10 silky milk chocolate hearts, from the nations favourite Lindtt!

Pasquier Pain au Lait and Croissants - Made using Levin these are delicious I actually warmed both of these up the in the oven for breakfast one morning and I have to say with butter they were so so yummy! And they are both free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives! 

Mexican Daves Lightly Salted Tortilla Chips - Cooked in sunflower oil, no MSG, and nothing artifical these delicous tortilla chips make the best natchos! They hold their shape amazing and don't go soggy which I really dislike. 

MOMA Breakfast Muesli - This is something completely new from Degustabox, Degustabox fridge is a coupon that is redeemable in store so when your doing your weekly shop you can pop a freebie in the basket, This time round I got to try the breakfast museli, a healthy breakfast museli a real grab and go item that's super filling!

If your interested in a Degustabox they've kindly sent me a code which will enable you to get a £3.00 discount - WP7F6 I think these monthly boxes are so worth it and so much fun! 

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Make-up Revolution Lipstick

Hey beauties! Long time no see, 

I've been AWOL yet again but I'm really hoping to get back into the swing of blogging now, I don't have a reason why to be really honest with you I just got super lazy with my time but I've had a caffinated kick up the bum I needed and now I'm hoping to get regular content up at least once or twice a week.

I'm super slow to hop on this bloggers hype train but its destination love. Make-up Revolution are one of those super affordable brands that make buying make-up at the end of the month a luxury. The prices are insanely good so rightly people are going to be sceptical of quality but from every post I've read i've seen nothing bad. In fact the majority have only given praise to this new brand.  

While I was in superdrug browsing the make-up isle I spotted the stand and the beauty blogger in me was suddenly awakened and I have to say I hard a really hard time figuring out what shades of lipstick I wanted. The first I picked up was a beautiful fusica shade named 'Crime', does anyone else love it when a lipstick has a name!? adorbs. Anyway I couldn't justify walking away without a classic red either so I picked up the Matte red shade 'Dare'. 

Crime(the Fuscia) has a beautiful silky texture that a really like and an almost glossy finish, In the tube it looks almost purple but once on the lips it's actually a really wearable blue tone pink. I think this colour really suits the fair skinned girls especially with blue eyes as it draws the blue out and makes your eyes pop! 

Dare(the red) is a gorgeous orange toned classic red shade probably a little brighter then I would like in the sense I like my reds to be slightly on the vampy side. The matte in this lipstick makes it slightly harder to work with, you'll need to prep your lips with a balm or such as moisturising is essential. Other then a little bit more prep and work I can see this becoming a new favourite for me.

I have to say as well these lipsticks smell amazing and if I remember correctly it's super similar to the MAC lipsticks scent that vanilla smell we've all come to love! I can't wait to try other items from this brand! Another really really awesome thing about these lipsticks is the price, £1 a piece? I'll take them all!

Have you tried any of the Make-up Revolution lipsticks yet?