Thursday, 30 January 2014

Candle Wish List #1

Hello beauties! 

Currently I've become utterly obsessed with candles. I've stock piled so many for when I move, that they have their own dedicated bag now. These candles are some that I've wanted for a while now!

The scent is English lavender, Basil and Jasmine a pre-bedtime candle that relaxes and calms. This candle has actually won numerous awards and is part of the Tranquillity range. Granted its expensive but its going to last you up to 50 hours and who wouldn't love this next to their bed while they read a book before drifting off into a lovely sleep!

Oooh Diptyque you just get better and better, I've never own a Diptyque candle but I am forever picking them up and smelling them in my local  John Lewis. I chose a room spray as I love spraying them on bedding so it smells fresh every morning!

Yankee Candle Sweet Pea
This happens to be my favourite candle smell ever. I adore anything sweet pea scented and this is no exception, I find this scents throw is amazing and perfect for weekend afternoons in the spring/summer to freshen up the room and add a gorgeously sweet floral scent

Flamingo Love Potion Glitter Valentine Candle
I've seen so many people review these candles and no-body has had anything bad to say about them, so while browsing on the website this morning I came across this candle and the description has me hooked! Sugar notes of candy vanilla and pear! Hello! This candle sounds like my dream candle! 

Prices Cooks Candle
Not only are these candles incredibly good for money but they are odour eliminating. This one is the chefs candle which diminises the smell of cooked food which I love the idea of as my kitchen and front room are completely open plan. This candle is only £4.25 and last 40+ hours. I need one in my life!

Hope you liked this post! What's your candle wish list?
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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Seventeen Photo Flawless Primer

Hey beauties, 
Just over a week ago I picked up a bunch of Seventeen products for a super discounted price. I grabbed two of these primers as they were only £1 each, So keep a look out in your local boots as there in bargains to be had! 

This is the Seventeen Photo Flawless primer which claims to Prolong foundation wear and Minimise Pores. My first initial thought was 'Oooh like porefessional?' but upon opening the twist off cap and squeezing it from the tube I realised it was more of a clear but not translucent gel/balm, a very thick gel/balm if I'm honest. I'm also not sure on the packaging, as primers go this one is on the small side, I may have paid £1 but others will be paying more, I've paid maybe £2-3 more for other primers and got almost 5x as much product... I also found twice as much as the swatch above had to be used.

This primer is good, on first application my skin was left silky smooth and soft, It also leveled out any uneven blemishes. I wouldn't say it minimised my pores however it did give that 'blurred' look. It also made my foundation stay on longer which I am very happy about. I however am not totally impressed this primer isn't moisturizing at all, and any dry bit I have stand out so badly once foundation is put on top, so I wouldn't advice this for dry skin! 

What's your favourite Primer? 
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Monday, 27 January 2014

Monday Round Up #2

Hello beauties, 

Last week I wrote a very stressed and not to happy weekly round up post. To be honest I can't believe it was a week since I wrote it time seems to be flying by at the moment and weekends are leaving me far too quickly. 

So if you follow me on twitter @glitterinfatuat or Instagram _palejam then you might or might not know we got the flat! All was confirmed on monday morning and me and Matt couldn't be more excited, Our own place to live is something we've always wanted and I feel like it'll be our little haven. 

This of course has enabled the shoppaholic in me while I am really careful with money I also adore shopping & quiet frankly its always on my mind especially now I've got my own home to decorate and accessorize. I happen to go a little bit crazy this weekend and buy us a house warming gift in the shape of a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, It's such a luxury item but I know we will love it and use it a lot! I've also been sofa shopping sunday morning and picked our beautiful new sofa! 

I'm sure you will see more home and lifestyle posts over the next few weeks, I hope you like them as I love putting them together, I also have a favour to ask, Around mid February I'm going to need some guest posts as I'll be a busy bee moving. If you would like to get involved and be on my blog then all I ask it nice big clear photos but the subject is totally up to you beauty, skincare, lifestyle anything just email me as soon as possible here!


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Friday, 24 January 2014

Figs & Rouge Rose Berry Lip Butter

Hey beauties, 
I don't know if you've noticed yet but I am obsessed with lip products. 

If there is one thing I love in life it's my Figs & Rouge Cherry Blossom Lip balm, It's lasted me insanely well and I use it pretty much everyday. It keeps my lips smooth and hydrated for 4+ hours while providing me with a gorgeous rosy tint. This however is my next venture into Figs & rouge, Instead of purchasing a Lip balm I went for the Rose Berry Lip butter. 

Figs & rouge is a brand that prides itself on being 100% natural, having no mineral oils & synthetics. They are also paraben free. I picked this one up on feel unique for a really affordable price of £4.95, The packaging almost has a vintage feel with the gorgeous roses printed onto a bright yellow background. The package itself is a metal tin like material with a pointed plastic head that releases the lip butter. I think this was added for ease of use and I have to agree the one I used prior to this just had a twist off lid that becomes a little stick and dirty when sitting in the bottom of my handbag! 

The product itself is divine. When on the lips it is a beautiful pearly pink, and my lips look super moisturised! The smell is more of a berry scent then a rose scent but there is a hint of floral but once applied to the lips I can hardly smell at all. The texture of the butter isn't sticky or thick but it really is moisturising and softening, It also last 4+ which for lip butter is pretty impressive. 

I have my eye on SO many Figs & Rouge products they have the cutest lip balm tins in all kinds of amazing flavours.. Vanilla Orange, Lemon Berry & Wild Cherry to name a few, I also didn't know this but aside from the lip products they also sell hand creams! Amazing. I also have my eye on the Mango & Manderin Lip butter we all know I'm a sucker for a citrus scent! 

Have you tried any products from Figs & rouge? If so which one?

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bedroom Ideas #1


Hello beauties,
As you may or not know, me and Matt are moving out soon (hopefully) and this has inspired me in all kind of ways, having my own home to decorate and style is something I've always dreamt of doing. This is the kind of look I would love to have in our bedroom be it a little girly but I find a girly look like this homely and well just lovely. 

The mirrored storage unit is something I would love to own just because of the convenience and space saving. I also love the idea of diffusers in a bedroom and the idea of so many soft furnishings and a open flame don't sit well with me, I added a few soft pink touches just to bring a little bit of colour into the room. Don't get me wrong white furniture and white accessories but I do feel a few accent colours completely necessary. 

What's your dream bedroom style/colours?
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Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday Round Up!

Hello beauties, I thought I would go for something different on my blog just to break up the constant reviews! I've decided to do a weekly round of what I've been up to what, I'm doing ect. ect. So here we go! 

As you may or may not know me and my fiancé have been looking at renting a gorgeous flat in our town centre, but this has definitely has come with it's complications. There's been a minimum income cap that we are just under which means we might not get it at all, but the worst part has been waiting for my work to sort out a reference, It now won't be completed till Tuesday and I've been pulling my hair out this week waiting, but by this time next week we will know everything. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

On to trying to keep myself busy with all this going on in my little head I've been trying to keep myself super busy, Blogging being my main outlet. My new years resolution has been to 'Up my blogging game' and I think I've achieved this without a doubt, Since the end of the year I've gained over 60+ followers on blog lovin which is utterly amazing. I really take a lot of pride in my blog and knowing people like what I create makes me so very happy! 

Work has been hard I'm not going to lie, working in a massive retail store before and after Christmas is hell at times but I really do enjoy it. The people I work with are hilariously funny and although I make out it's really hard work it's probably the easiest and most rewarding job I've ever had. 

Hope you liked this, It felt really refreshing typing out something other then make-up related! 
Did you like this post? would you like to see more?
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Saturday, 18 January 2014

SEVENTEEN Lasting Fix Lipsticks Review.

 Poncho Pink

Hawaii Pink

Afternoon beauties I hope your all having a lovely weekend! 

On Thursday I was doing my normal walk through to work which involves walk through a massive Boots, and I spotted a man putting crate fulls of Seventeen make-up out for sale, on closer inspection nothing was above £2 lets just say the beauty blogger in me had a field day.

The first shade that caught my eye was Poncho Pink, In the bullet it almost gives off the impression it will be sheer and the colour is a bold barbie pink. However, on the lips it translates slightly different and almost gives of a blue/purple tone in different lights, it's not at all shimmery but has a gorgeous sheen primarly however it is a bold pink. Upon applying I had no problems, I was previously trying out a few new lip balms I would definitely prep lips before applying. This lipstick also last incredibly well, and on removable with a make-up wipe it would had to budge, it also left an amazing stain.

The second shade I picked up was Hawaii Pink, The bullet this shade could definitely be matte and looks like a lovely coral pink. When applied to the lips it's a beautiful pink that throws a lovely coral this will look utterly amazing in the summer, it looks like summer on the lips to me! The texture is soft but the finish isn't matte, more semi matte yet again with no shimmer but a beautiful sheen. Like the first lipstick it was hard to remove with a make-up wipe and also left a beautiful and even stain.

Overall, I'd never really looked into Seventeen make-up but I'm so glad I did. I'm currently trying out a few things from the brand and I've been overly surprised at how well everything works and lives up to its claims. You can buy them HERE.

What's your favourite Seventeen product?
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Sunday, 12 January 2014

ELF Cosmetics Flawless Eyeshadow

Hello beauties,

I hope your all doing well and having a lovely well earned weekend! 

Today I have another offering from ELF cosmetics in the shape of the Essentials Flawless Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Smokey I've always been super interested in these as the packing although it's white reminds me of the Wet 'n' wild ones with the embossed direction on each eyeshadow. I personally don't pay much attention to them but I can see this being a super useful feature if you are new to eyeshadow. 

The colours are so beautiful, The base is a matte white that going on like a dream it's well pigmented and stays looking bright white all day, The lid shade is a light matte grey I would personally say this is the least pigmented of the bunch and the colour is subtle but still visible. The crease is a gorgeous medium/dark grey with a fine silver shimmer, I adore this colour for my crease and although the pigment is great it does slightly fade throughout the day even with the use of primer. The last shade is a matte black, which I also adore paired with the dark grey the perfect smokey eye can be achieved, It mega pigmented and doesn't fade to grey like other cheap alternatives. The longevity of these eyeshadow is also great, I've not experienced them without a primer but I can imagine they would still be good as I hand to wash my hands really well to remove the swatches! 

Overall I really enjoy using this palette and I have received so many compliments while wearing these shades! 
What's your ideal smokey eye product?
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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Avon Super Extend Mascara Review

Hey beauties!

I thought I should post about this mascara, I don't tend to post mascara reviews as my eyelashes are so hard and so difficult to work with and I find it an unfair subject. 

This however is the Avon Super Extend Mascara and I am pleasantly surprised, For Christmas my nan brought all us girls a selection of Avon make-up and this made it's way to me which I was super excited about, before this I hadn't tried Avon make-up.  

I stupidly forgot to take photo's of this but you will have to take my 100% honest word for it. The mascara wand itself is made of a hard but firm spiky plastic which holds a really good amount of mascara one thing I can't stand is constantly having to re-dip to multiply times per eye, I roughly apply three coats of this with coat one makes my eyelashes stand out, two lengthens them and three really thickens my eyelashes, but I would say if you have longer/thicker eyelashes one or two coats would suffice, mine happen to be short and straight so it's a struggle. I haven't seen any clumping, flaking or rubbing and this hasn't irritated my sensitive eyes. 

All in all I am in love with this mascara and will re-buy it when I run out :) Although I can't find it on the website there is one here called Super Extend Extreme
What's your favourite Avon product?
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Sunday, 5 January 2014

NYX - I dream of St.Kitt

Hello beauties! I forgot to post yesterday so I thought I would today instead!

The story how I came to find this eyeshadow palette is rather odd. While walking around my local (large) BHS the weekend before Christmas when they had put almost all Christmas related products on sale early, I spotted a small box in which situated TONS of NYX eyeshadow palletes from the Caribbean Collection something I hadn't heard of before but they were marked down from £9 to £4 and then to £2! So I opened all the boxes and almost all have them had been tampered with minus the two I picked up a two mosaic blushers for £1! I couldn't say no and very kindly my fiancee snapped them up as a Christmas present for me!

This paliete I'm showing you today is the I dream of ST.Kitt set which is such a pretty neutrals pallete. I before using this I'd never tried anything that NYX has had to offer so I was so excited when Christmas rolled around I was so eager to snap some photos and try it out, I can honestly say I've fallen in loved it and used it every single day since getting it! 

The packaging is sleek and really sturdy, I don't see this opening up in my handbag anytime soon. The lid opens to reveal a massive mirror which is so so handy to have and 5 beautiful neutral shades. The first a gorgeous matte pale yellow, The second a matte chestnut brown, The third a medium brown with a very fine gold shimmer, The forth a really gorgeous pale matte off white, The fifth is a dark brown with a small amount of shimmer! I tend to use this with my urban decay primer potion but I have used it on it own and it still last a pretty long time with no creasing! I really think this is the perfect palette for everyone. 

I couldn't find this palette anywhere in the UK apart from on ebay HERE for £6.00! 

What's your favourite NYX product?

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Chanel - Coco Mademoiselle

Hello Beauties, I've got a little bit of a Gem on my blog today!

Classic, feminine and floral is the easiest way to describe Coco Mademoiselle. I could ramble on for ages about it but I'm going to keep this short and sweet just like you should with a classic. 

The bottle itself is in cased in a gorgeous gold lined box which just oozes that luxury feeling, The bottle itself feel really strong a durable, the glass is thick and refined. I actually had a pretty hard time photographing this and there is a gold mirrored band running along the middle which on a dressing table looks gorgeous but when trying to photograph it I kept getting shots of myself or my camera reflected! I find the bottle to be structured and classic but it still manages to remain elegant and womanly. 

The smell is something I've always loved. My mum has worn this a lot of the last few years so the scent is something I now find quite homely and lovely. I've been reading online what this perfume contains and I agree with the citrus and orange top notes, it claims to have lychee but all I can smell is the middle notes of roses and jasmine finally it ends on the white musk scent which happens to have been a family favourite since I was a baby, no wonder we like Coco Mademoiselle so much! I also do find the bottom note of musk to be slightly on the more masculine side, but that's how I like my perfumes with a stronger note of something the tiniest bit masculine! 

I hope you liked this post, I was super nervous of posting this as I am not the best at describing perfumes, but I hope I did this one proud, let me know what you think! I've tried lots of Chanel perfumes in the past, what's your favourite?
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