Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment Review

Hello Beauties!

I hope you all had an amazing break over the Christmas holiday! I know for sure I did, maybe enjoyed it a little bit to much as I've found it so hard getting back into the swing of things but alas I am back at work and back at working hard on my blog. 

Being a brand I had never heard of I was a little put back but I thought I would give it a go for a week and see how well it worked and how it benefited my hair personally. Tom himself messaged me via instagram to tell me this treatment sells well in Spain, and I can undoubtedly see why. Packaged in a heavy glass bottle with a bright eye catching yellow and purple label that feels super luxurious, this sweet floral smelling amber treatment is held. I am such a sucker for a hair oil can you tell? The bottle is 100ml but feels much more weighty then that and I think that's due the the high quality of the packaging. 

I generally use this hair oil when I've washed my hair and blow dried it until it's not dripping wet. I actually use about a ten pence size piece because my hair is thick but this won't be for everyone so thin hair i'd use less. I then smooth it in a work in into my ends for a few minutes, concentrating on the hair the frames my face as this is where I get the most damage. While I then blow dry my hair and style as usual I can smell just how lovely this hair treatment is, My favourite thing about it is it leaves no residue what so ever, just soft, easily manageable hair. 

Now, over 2 weeks of using this hair oil when I wash my hair(which I counted is about  8-9 times) I feel I can give you a lowdown on what it's done for me, First up my hair shines, it shines so much so people have felt the need to tell me, Secondly it's in amazing condition although I still have split ends (I'm desperate for a hair cut!) they aren't coarse anymore and they don't jut out at funny angles ruining that 'just straightened chic. Now the biggest change for me, and possibly the best... I was loosing a fair amount of hair due to breakage and the weather(I think) and I was really starting to worry but two weeks on and I can say my hair loss/breakage has dramaticly declined and my hair appears to be thicker and stronger and I've got nothing to thank for it apart from this amazing hair treatment! 

Simon & Tom's website is currently under a revamp that'll finish early in the new year but they will be realising new items too so I'm happy to wait and see what else they have, If the Morrocan hair treatment is anything to go by I'm sure it is going to be amazing! but for now you can buy it HERE & HERE it is a little pricey at £29.90 but I whole heartedly would recommend it to anyone wanting better and more beautiful hair.  

Hair oils/treatment, what's your favourite?
*Item was sent for review all opinions are 100% my own

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Hair Removal.. The 411.

It's nearly Christmas beauties, I'm so excited!

Today seeing as it is the all famous party season of the year I thought I would do a run down on the different types of ways we can if we choose of course to remove the hair from our bodies, focusing on the legs! Sometimes thick black tights just don't look right with that cute little dress, am I right? I've got my research hat on and this is what I've found!

Shaving - Probably the most well known way of removing the hair from our legs, I think almost everyone at one time or another has whipped out a razor on the days they've 'forgotten' let's face it, it's quick and pretty cheap.  The downside of course, razor burn, itching, ingrowing hairs and the rate of grow back, which is generally 48 hours. The best thing you can do is get yourself a good razor, I would recommend the Gillette Venus & Olay Razor for a moisture boost! 

Epilating - Not the most popular due to the pain cause by this option rotating tweezers pull multiple hairs out at once but once pulled out which may mean going over the same place more then once to grab every hair. They are also pretty expensive I think it's one of those items that you would want to pay for better quality but a one off payment and regular cleaning and maintenance to your epilator will mean you can do it every few weeks instead of every few days. I hear tons of great things about the Braun range that you can pick up HERE this one also comes with all kinds of fancy gadgets!

Waxing - Another popular option! Be it at a salon or using a home system like this one from Parissa either way warm/hot wax is applied to the area a piece of cloth is then placed over the top and as its tightly pulled off the hairs are torn from the cuticle. This is also a semi-permanent and you will only have to repeat it every few months, the downside to waxing, it's can irritate the skin and also causing burning, which is why I'd recommend it be done by a professional.

Laser - Laser hair removable is probably the newest way of diminishing unwanted hair, using a Laser beam focused on the actual hair follicle it will halter the hair growth eventually eliminating hair for good, the only permanent option. Claimed to be virtually pain free and long lasting but it cost a lot more and isn't recommended for sensitive skin. This of course is only to be done and a full consultation with a professional before anything is agreed! The company Sk:n Clinic* offer free consultations.

So there we go! I'd love to know what type of hair removal systems you use, as I'm sure there are others I haven't researched!


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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Lazy Day By Choies

Lazy day

Hello Beauties, 

I'm not sure about you but I'm one of those who hibernate in the winter time, pj's and no make-up kind of girl! However, when friends randomly ring up wanting to go shopping or for coffee it can drive me mad, quickly trying to find something to wear and slapping on some make-up! So for me this outfit paired with a fedora style hat(to cover messy hair) would be amazing! An outfit that is extremely practical and perfect for perking up that Lazy Day! 


*Not sponsored I just like the clothes! 

Friday, 19 December 2014

Top 5 Lipsticks Winter Edition

Hey beauties,

I'm making a cconsciouseffort to do more posts like this one at the moment, instead of continuous beauty reviews, It gives me a chance to write new things and you a chance to experience something different on my blog! Today I thought I would show you my top 5 winter lipsticks, although 2 of them are actually lipglosses! Oh well! 


Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie in Never Say Never - I love love love everything about this lipstick, However normally it translates to a hot pink but when I was taking these photos I previously put on a purple stain and I think that why it looks so muted! This lipstick has a pretty perfect formula that's non-drying and it last well! 

Figs & Rouge Lip Butter in Rose berry - I adore this, and I pretty much take in everywhere with me, It's perfect for when your out and about without a mirror, easy to apply, it looks lovely and is great for a moisture boost!

Maybelline Colour Drama in Minimalist - I've raved about this one on instagram recently and it's my every day go to lip colour. I mainly wear this too work as it stays on for a good 4+ hours, Not one for dry lips though!

Maybelline Super Stay 10hr Tint Gloss in Forever Fuchsia - Another of my go-to shades, This also came out a little muted but it is a stunning fucia that borders on the purple side, I love this one if I'm heading out, I want a bold lip but I know I won't have time to re-apply. It doesn't stay and gloss for long, and leaves behind a lovely stain, 

Ilamasqua Lipgloss in Succubus - This is one of those 'Bringing it out' for Christmas shades. By all means it is stunning, almost plastic looking with the way it shines, but its a pain to apply and the brush on mine has gone all weird which I am so sad about! However, put a little effort it and it will pay off 100%. An all round beauty!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What's your go to lipstick?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Blogging Goals 2015

                                                                                                  Hello Beauties!

Believe it or not but going but this new year will mark my 3 year blog birthday! I still sometime pinch myself thinking about all the lovely things and community blogging involves. Although I've now been blogging a while there is still so much I want to achieve and so much I'd still like to do, so inspired by a few others I thought I would put together this little post and share them with you! 

1. Blog more - I'm currently only cranking out 2 posts a week, I could do more but for other reasons I just don't get round to it and they are never on the same days so it becomes a little inconsistent, this is something I would love to change, maybe post 3-4 times a week and on the same day every week. If anyone has any ways of organising this that I can stick to I'd love to know! 

2. Writing - I can read like no other and a 400 page novel in my hands can be done in a day but when I try to write myself I struggle. Spelling is a massive bug bare in my life and putting what I actually want to say is really hard for me, I never excelled at english, so I'd like to improve on those things, I've actually typed up a few more posts like my 'a good deed done' one which I loved writing!

3. Photos - I adore taking photos, if I could I'd just blog the photos I take and leave out the writing but that wouldn't make much sense to anyone and talking about things I love is something I really enjoy doing. I'm hoping that everything works out in the new year so I can get my DSLR camera, I'm looking at the canon 700d at the moment and at getting some artificial lighting. Just so I can enhance my blogs best feature that little bit more. 

4. Instagram - I love instagram, In fact I love it more then twitter these days for networking my blog, (not to say I don't use twitter I'm forever on it @glitterinfatuat) but I feel like instagram is the way forward! I love the fact each photo you post can reach people all over the world in a matter of seconds using hashtags. I'd love to expand my instagram @glitterinfautation if you want to follow me! I post about everything, beauty with reviews and selfies included! 

5. Events - I was invited to so many events in the last year and I didn't attend to any. I'm so disappointed in myself but my anxiety levels are so so high when it comes to public transport it makes it hard to travel anywhere, If I could walk into London I would! So this year I'm going to try my hardest to make it to any events I can. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I'd love to know, what are you blogging goals this year?

Saturday, 13 December 2014

A Good Deed Done.

Happy Weekend Beauties!

I've been having a really good think about something that happened to me yesterday morning and I thought I would share it with you and how it's now 24 hours later and I'm still thinking about it. Bare with me while I explain the situation.

I work in a pretty big retail shop and every now and again we run out of the basics, tea, coffee, milk ect. and someone will go out and get it, I've done it a few times in the past and was asked again to do it yesterday luckily for us there is a tesco across the road less then 30 seconds away so it's a pretty easy job to do and once done everyone is happy. 

Anyway, I picked up a basket, had a little wonder round and ended picked up everything on the list written in red pen on the back of my hand you know, just encase I forgot.. I picked up two massive 4 pints of milk, one green and one blue and got in the queue to pay. It's not a secret that I have the arm strength of a baby bird and holding heavy things in not my 'strong' point, This Tesco is notorious for always having a massive line and I was 3 back so a few minutes in my arms where giving out and I was shuffling about. I wasn't making it obvious I was struggling or anything like that you know, just dealing with the situation. 

The guy paying was almost finished when the girl in front of me turned around and said 'Would you like to go in front of me?' I must have raised my eyebrows with a little bit of shock I mean it's not everyday people just offer you their place in a queue or show an act of assistants like that, she quickly added 'I can see you've got heavy things, I'm in no rush.' I was genuinely touched, living in a massive town centre and growing up in London I'm used to queuing, being bumped into, people pushing in and general rudeness so to be shown kindness in probably the most simple way was enlightening to say the least. I of course said 'thank you, I really appreciate it,' and went on to explain my what I was doing, we both exchanged a laugh and then went our separate ways.  

I then completely forgot it happened until I got home at around 9pm last night, and upon reflection of the terrible day I had had after the pleasant incident I realised I hadn't reciprocated the good deed and passed that good feeling on to someone else, I felt pretty guilty about it but while lying in bed wondering how I could brighten someone else's day before I went to sleep I realised there isn't a time frame on it, in reality everyone should be doing little things or big things every day to make other people smile it doesn't matter if you know them or not.

I don't think what you do matters all that much, you could help someone who is struggling, tell someone their are rocking their new hairstyle, or simply asking if everything is okay in their world, we can all help brighten our world.

Have you done anything recently to make someone's day better?


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Purple Quartz Necklace - Modern Vintage Style

Hello beauties!

I don't often get the chance to review jewellery which is a shame as I really adore taking photos of it, making something already beautiful even more beautiful! I hope you love these photos as much as I do! 

I was recently sent this flawless piece from Modern Vintage Style which is stunning! A Purple Quartz the first thing that really stood out to me was the colour! A deep in some lights and almost transparent in others purple, the pendent cut also helps make this look beautiful as it reflects the light in all different directions. The pendent is connected to the chain via an sterling silver ball and a sterling silver chain,

Honestly, I think these will make the most amazing gifts for everyone and people of all ages as I think these types of Quartz are so in fashion with younger generations but it's made so well and so dignified it could also go to someone older. Modern Vintage style also often a few other gemstones included my all time favourite Rose.

I would also just like to add I've added facebook as one of my social networks and I would absolutely love it if you gave it a quick like HERE.

What do you think of this stunning necklace?

Sunday, 7 December 2014

MakeUp Revolution Hard Day Salvation Palette

Hello Beauties!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I'm spending the rest of mine on my sofa! I recently recieved this beautiful Hard Day* palette from Make-up Revolution and it's only in the last few days I've got a chance to really have a good look and a good try of the shadows inside. 

First off I wanted to talk about the packaging! It's so so gorgeous, the burnt orange metallic box the palette is placed inside reminds me of a chocolate box and too me it screams something luxurious. The actual casing it's self is perhaps one of the best I've come across when it comes to highstreet palettes. It's pretty bulky but massive it'll easily slip into a handbag or make-up bag, it feel incredibly sturdy and not at all flimsy like some I've come across and once opened it has a massive mirror which I adore!

On to the eyeshadows, inside there are 18 different shades, 12 shimmers and 6 mattes. In the swatches above I've put them in a same order of the palette. Shimmers on top and middle, mattes on bottom. I have to say I am pretty impressed with the colour pay off of the majority of shimmers they all are well pigmented with just enough shimmer to give that gorgeous highlighted effect. The mattes have however won me over and I can see me using all 6 everyday, The second matte along has become my ultimate crease cutting and blending shade. The colour pigment in all of these are way above average and really make me question why people would spend almost triple the amount on other palettes. 

Another thing I love and a feel other people will love about this one is the range of colours going from the netural side creams and taupes to the more glam gothic purple and blacks you also get everything in between. I'd take this with me on holiday as my only palettte as it's got everything you would need. I also feel like it would be great for those just getting into eyeshadow as a starter palette. You can purchase it HERE

I think this is my favourite palette yet from Make-up Revolution, What yours?

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Degustabox Winter Box 2014

 Happy Tuesday! 

I've got another lovely Degustabox for you this week! If you didn't already know you can get these monthly subscription boxes online every month from the website HERE and you will receive 9-12 new to the market items. If you would like purchase one you can use this code '1BVWK' and get £3 off your first box!

Kettle Chips - Who doesn't love these?! I know I do! This year they have brought out two limited editions for christmas one being this Salsa & Mesquite the other Stilton and Port! Both sound amazing to me!

Montano - A gorgeously bottled Italian cider made in the foothills of the Trentino region of northern Italy! 

Pip Organic - I just had a read about these an they honestly sound amazing a family run London based business that produces 100% organic fruit juices not from concentrate, I'm really looking forward to trying these! 

Cool Dawn - These are so interesting essentially a drink that will help preventing a hang over! I'm not a massive drinker but of the christmas season I do tend to have few so I more then likely will be using these and its liqourice flavour which sounds pretty yummy! 

Holy Cow - Made from all natural ingredients these lovely curry sauces are also gluten free! Perfect for when you don't know what to make, as it's half done for you!

Kents Kitchen - Flavour shots seem to be everywhere at the moment but these ones in Garlick and Coriander flavour sound so lovely! And they can be used on just about everything! 

Branston - I have to say, I love branston pickle, I even love the smell of it my grandad always used to have pickle when I was younger so the smell for me is something I remember fondly! So I was super happy to see this caramelised onion although it has made me want to run out and buy some steak to have with it! Yum!

Lindt - Who doesn't love Lindor at Christmas. These are so so good! With a hard outside casing and soft decadent middle these are just the right size for when you want a little treat! 

Drink Me Chai - This was the sample present this month and I'm really looking forward to trying it, everyone seems to love chai and I've wanted to try for ages! Described as a blend of exotic spices and sweetened tea!  

Overall, I love this months box but apart from the Lindt nothing really screams winter to me which is a little bit of shame, but none the less its still a great box and I am looking forward to trying each bit! You can also get in contact with Degustabox via social networks on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. 

What would you most like to try?

Saturday, 29 November 2014

L'oreal Infallible 16hr Foundation

Happy Weekend Beauties!

I've recently been trying out a  few new foundations, something I don't really do. I tend to find a foundation and stick to it as being so super pale and pink/neutral toned I find it hard work! However, a few weekends ago I was out shopping with my mum and we wondered into a little 'out of date' pharmacy where they were selling highstreet make-up for pennys! When asked why everything was so cheap the lady told me 'We aren't stocking the brands anymore and we need to get rid of it all to make room for new items and Christmas.' It's safe to say I went a little crazy and picked up this L'oreal foundation for £3!

I don't know how to put this correctly but I think I've fallen in love with a foundation, Although, this is where the problem begins. I can't find this exact foundation ANYWHERE apart from amazon, what I can find however is the L'oreal Infallible 24hr Foundation, So whether or not it's just been re-branded I don't know but you can find both HERE and they are fairly reasonable in price too. 

Now, on to why I love this foundation so! I picked up the shade 015 porcelain and it is perfect as you can see from the swatch above it's pretty neautral and not 'Orange' like most 'porcelain' foundations. In a glass pump style bottle which makes wastage none existent. I'd say it is a thick foundation but very silky so it's a breeze to blend. The coverage is definitely medium/full and it's easily blend-able. I wish I had a better camera, mines great for still shots but when I try and take photos of products on my skin, it just does them no justice! So suffice with me till I can get my hands on a DSLR!

Once on the skin this is where the foundation really does it's magic, covering all imperfections including my acne like it's nothing, it also has a magical way of blurring the surface but at the same time it's not at all cakey like I said before it's silky. I still have to use a concealer around my eyes and a tiny tiny amount on imperfections. The best way to apply this is definitely using the Miracle Sponge from Real Techniques as this really helps to achieve that air brushed look everyone is after and topped with a setting powder this foundation will last all day and continue to look amazing, even after working 5+ hours I see no fading or patchyness.

Have you tried this amazing foundation?!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Seventeen Define and Conquer

Hello beauties,

It's my birthday today! I've brought so many lovely beauty related items recently, this one perhaps topping the list. Seventeen are one of those brands I never really pay much attention too unless I'm there in boots standing in front of the stand! 

However when boots have a 3 for 2 on make-up I can never refuse a cheeky seventeen purchase! I'd seen this around but like most products I buy I hadn't actually read a review so I was super excited to try it. I got this one in the shade 'fair' which I think its well suited to my super pale skin the packaging is super pleasing to the eyes, and reminds me of something nars would sell, inside there is a decent sized mirror that's perfect for on the go touch ups and two large rectangle pans with a matte highlighter and a matte bronzer. 

The highlighter is a yellow toned powder which thinking about it now reminds me of the famous Ben Nye 'banana powder' just a lot less yellow which I assume is better for fairer skin this is perfect if your not into the 'glittery/shimmery' highlighters but I like both so I tend to use this then dab a little bit of benefits high beam on top these days. The Matte brown is what I would called a perfect contouring colour, it's not too orange but just enough to give you a flash of colour, it's a piece of cake to blend and honestly this duo would be ideal to anyone new to contouring as it's just that easy! 

I think this came in at a really really reasonable price of £6.99 probably the most reasonable on the market at the moment, and you can buy in store from boots or online HERE

What's your favourite contouring products?

Saturday, 22 November 2014

My Birthday Wishlist!

The beauty edit..

Happy Weekend!

If you didn't already know it's my birthday Monday! I'm going to be 22 (cue the infamous Swift number) and one thing I adore to do it go birthday shopping! I love it along with putting on make-up shopping has swifty(lol) become a very expensive but super therapeutic hobby for me! & I don't know about anyone else but I always have an idea of what I'm going to buy but I never actually do. I always get far to excited and distracted! 

What's you favourite thing to do on your birthday!?

Friday, 21 November 2014


I want add more 'me' into my blog and really add more chatty lifestyle posts! So I thought there is no better way then showing you what I've got up to recently via my instagram feed @Glitterinfautation If you want to add me. I have fallen head over heels for instagram, I've found it an amazing tool to help me reach out to new readers and I adore it as a social network.

-Have you seen how beautiful the baubles in John Lewis are? I've started collecting them and these two beautiful ones were brought for me by my lovely Grandma after lunch and chit chat! 
-Standard mirror Selfie. 
-  Love to try new shampoo! Recently these two have been my go to, although I am halfway through the bottle now and itching to try new ones!
- Getting Organised! I really am. Well, I'm really trying to my blog my posts are pretty irregular but from Thursday onwards I'm looking to post Monday, Wednesday /Thursday and Saturday every week and I'll try to squeeze a few more in if I can. 
- Day out with mum, we had such a lovely day on Saturday walking round our local Christmas market, I didn't take my camera so I couldn't snap any photos. I think there will be more so I'll try to remember next time!
- My tiny girl! My dog Lulu, she's such a sweetie so small and lovely. When I used to live at home I would wake up in the morning and she would always be there to give me a cuddle and when I stay over now she still does it, I think she remembers, cute! 
- This is my favourite mirror ever! It's at my mums and for some reason I just really love how aesthetically pleasing it looks in photos.
- I got a new pair of trousers, actually, my first pair of trousers ever! I never thought they would suit me but I love how they make my legs look! Best still I picked them up for £1! 
- I treated myself to some new beauty goodies, some I'm really enjoying and others.. Well, I'm sure I'll be writting up a blog post up about them!

What have you been up too this week?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Home Improvements - The Reading Nook

Hello Beauties,

As you may or may not know me and my partner moved into our first home about 6 months ago, and while it's been really fun I often feel something is lacking, our style is super simple but there's nothing 'homely' just yet, while scrolling though pinterest I began searching for 'reading nooks' small spaces in your home, where you could read, blog or just relax. Most of the time they were rather large in size but I wanted something more size appropriate for my little flat. 

As you can see, I've got this random space that I've not yet been able to fill. It's right between the start of my front room and the end of my kitchen. I had no idea what would go here as the radiator is so in the way but the more I think about it the more I want it too be a reading nook. So off to polyvore I went to create my little bit of serenity.

Reading Nook

Don't mind me saying, how cute does that look? and I could totally see it working for that small corner our flat has all white furniture and an array of blue shades to add depth, I could see me spending forever in that big comfy bean bag chair, tea in one hand and a book/laptop in the other! The other thing I spotted was the ultrasonic diffuser which not only help diffuse air(a serious problem we have in our flat) but you can also add oils so it fragrances the room in a totally new futuristic way. 

What do you think of my reading nook? Something you could see yourself owning?


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Degustabox October Box 2014

Hey beauties! 

I've got another amazing Degustabox review for you, If you've not heard of them I'll give you a quick low down, Degustabox is a subscription box that delivers new food/drink items to your door every month. It's pretty simple and I've got to say I enjoy recieving these box so much every month as I am a massive foodie, If you would like to try these boxes they've actually sent me a code so you can get £3.00 off your first box using 'WI118'. 

Special K Cracker Crisps - A totally tasty BBQ flavoured snack! Which as like all of the special K brand is actually good for you, These little crisps have 60% lesss fat then your average crisp. Available in Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar and Sweet Chilli flavour.

Brioche Pasquier Sliced Loaf & Pain Au Lait - Made with authentic 'levin' these delicious items are perfect for morning when you need something to quickly eat. I really love toasting the sliced loaf with a little butter! Makes a deliciously sweet change to normal dry toast!

Dr Oetker Extra Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder - The new Extra Dark Chocolate made with 90% cocoa solids makes this pair the ultimate duo for home baking. I can't wait to make a chocolate cake with these! 

Bear Alpha Bites - This was a different addition to this months box as it was a super cute little sample box! I actually received a full size box of these a few months back and I have to say these were delicious, perfect size for me to pass on to a friend.

Get Buzzing Flapjacks - A completely 100% natural healthy flapjack! Full of nuts and oats these are so perfect for on the go snacking, and with none of the guilt!

Jelly Belly - I was so so excited to see these in my box! I think everyone in the world loves Jelly Belly jelly beans and un-known to me they can take over 21 days to create! 

Bear Paws - A strawberry & apple fruit shape, Baked and super healthy I actually opened these first and can tell you first hand they are so so tasty! 

Solo Marshmallow Creme - I can't even tell you how much I love this. I got the Toasted marshmallow flavour and I may or may not have tucked into it with a spoon! Honestly It's amazing.

Kents Kitchen - These three step meal kits are an ideal way to make a dinner when inspiration is lacking throw it all in pan and you have a totally delicious and super simple dinner!

Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce - I can tell you that when this sauce says 'it tastes great on almost everything' that's totally true. I really love this not too spicy and sweet sauce with nearly every dinner!

Enhance For Water  - I got to try the Orange and Passion fruit flavour, One squeeze of this into a glass/bottle of ordinary water and you get a fruity drink! Personally I'd say you need a little bit more then just a squeeze but considering they are make with no added sugar and are only 1 calorie I think its pretty cool!

 This month we also had another addition of the Degustabox Fridge, Sometimes degustabox will want to give you something but it will need to be refrigerated so they will pop a little voucher into your box for you to redeem when you see fit! This month is the Benecol Greek Style Yogurts that I can't wait to try, The peach flavour is calling my name!

If you would like to get in contact with Degustabox you can reach them on their Facebook or Twitter page. 

What do you think of Degustabox, would it be something you would try?