Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Body Shop - Mango x3 Review!

Hey beauties,

Let's all pretend I don't have a really big problem when it comes to The Body Shop sales. Especially when they have 50% off and free shipping, It would be rude of me not to take advantage. I love to buy the whole collections e.g Shower Gel, Body Lotion(body butter is too thick for me) and/or the Perfume/bodyspray. This time round I went for the Mango set and will more then likely be picking up the strawberry and pink grapefruit in the near future. I'm also actually collecting these as I am moving out soon and don't ever want to run out. Hilarious and obsessive but very very true.

Mmmm, The smell of this is stunning, fruity yet floral with a sweet hit which reminds me slightly of honey. It also reminds me of a tropical drink but apparently its not fit for consumption so I won't be testing it. When used with a shower Lily (this.) in the shower it really wakes you up and makes you feel ready for the day. The bubbles are smooth and lovely full of gorgeous Mango seed oil making it perfefctly moisturising!  

While this is still as fruity and exotic as it's bubblier counterpart this lotion holds a very warm, creamy and comforting scent that really reminds me of holidays by a beach maybe even a little bit of suncream but not in an awful way. It sinks in quickly leaving my skin feeling super soft and smelling utterly heavenly!

This is probably the strongest body shop body spray I've smelt when it is first sprayed I'd even go as far as too say its slightly too overpowering! but once it's mellowed out slightly you are left with a gorgeous almost floral mango scent what I would imagine a mango leaf to smell like, although it says there is sugarcane extracts I would probably say it smells more like vanilla to me not sweet like you would imagine. This is probably my least favourite of the bunch but it wouldn't be a set without it lol!

What's your favourite Body Shop Scent!?
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  1. I use everything mango apart from the body mist. Never tried it but you may have just convinced me. Have you tried there new Vanilla Bliss range? xx

  2. I love the mango flavours, they smell so good!

  3. I love mango! I'm usually not a fan of the body shop, but I'll stop by and smell these. The sound really nice.

  4. mmm mango smells so good! x

  5. definitely want to try the body mist now! great review:-) x