Monday, 9 December 2013

Revlon Colorstay - Ultimate Suede - Couture

Hello beauties! 

While shopping the other day I spotted this colorstay Suede lipstick by Revlon and it really intrigued me, I've heard of velvet and matte lipstick's but never suede. So I was excited to see what the finish would look like. 

The colour I chose is Couture which in the bullet looks like a gorgeous ruby red with a slight pink tone but once applied to the lips it's more on the pink side. The finish however is less matte then I imagined in fact it is slightly glossy, the formula is hard to work with as it doesn't apply very evenly and the lipstick has a tendency to flake which can be annoying as it leaves a stain after seconds. I wouldn't suggest this lipstick to any with dry lips the first time I applied I used a balm first and it looked really bad. I then wiped it all off a exfoliated my lips dried and then applied and it was much better. It also lasts a good few hours before it starts to fade but like I said it leaves a lovely stain!

All in all I really like this lipstick IF it is applied correctly. 
Have you tried any Suede lipsticks? What are you thoughts?
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  1. This shade looks lovely on you!

  2. It looks lovely! Haven't tried a Revlon lipstick in so long.

  3. That's a beautiful colour on you xx