Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Body Shop Satsuma Range - My Picks!

 Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, whenever you may be reading this,
I know, I've been a real bad blogger. I haven't blogged for a while make that, 3 weeks I think. I started my new job and while I adore it I haven't had much time to blog, I've been sleeping, eating, spending time with family and of course Matt. So blogging took a back seat, but now my rota is all sorted I'm hoping I can get into some kind of routine. 

It's not a secret that I ADORE The body shop. I love everything from there to the moon and back. I highly suggest you keep your eyes peeled on the website as they always have the most amazing deals, At the moment its spend £60 and get £30 off? Think of the Christmas presents girls, THINK. It's too much, especially as I get paid soon! This lovely little bunch cost me just over £15 with shipping and I got a free gift, 
Bargain! Anyway enough nattering on the review!

Goodness I love this stuff, but it really isn't for the faint hearted, go Satsuma or go home. It packs a gorgeously sweet citrus punch. This stuff leaves your skin feeling clean and soft, but also has a real luxurious bubble! I recently decided I wanted a Satsuma bubble bath and this stuff didn't disappoint in fact it was the most bubbly bubble bath I've had in a long time and the smell lingered in the air for hours afterwards.

While the Shower Gel Partner of this silky bad boy has a sharper citrus kick this counter part has a much sweeter almost sherberty quality that really appeals to me. Almost like some kind of Orange flavoured sweet or ice lolly maybe even a sorbet. Packed full of Satsuma oil from Brazil it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft, and the smell stays put for a long long time. I tend to use the Purees over the butters as I find the butters take a longer time to be absorbed where as when I'm in a rush I can slap some of this Satsuma goodness on and run out the door (with clothes on preferably.)

Ohh baby. I'm not going to lie, I've never had one of these before. In fact I was a little put off as I like wearing other perfumes BUT, after being told I smell great from just wearing the shower gel and body lotion I dived head first into the world of Eau De Toilette. I'm glad I did, this beautiful scent goes on a concentrated version of the shower gel but after a while mellows out into a stunning almost floral citrus scent. Wow, oh wow. Can I get enough? Nope.

I'd love to know which of the Body Shop products you love the most? Do you not think owning a set like this in every scent would just be amazing? I think I'd have to start a rota of some kind... To much blabbering! Let me know!


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  1. My favorite is their chocomania collection and the rose! smells amazing! xx

  2. My favourite would be the Mango range. The shower gel and body butter smell amazing.
    My least favourite would be the Honeymania EDT.


  3. I adore The Body Shop too, I have the Satsuma puree and Body Polish and love them, such a great zesty smell!! xo

    Hannah | Glitter and Sparkle