Sunday, 6 October 2013

NYC Metro Quartet Eyeshadow - Gothic Harlem

Hello beauties! 

I wont lie, I was disappointed when I first swatched this product and considered not even posting it, Let me tell you the story go on grab a cuppa! It started last month I was proper skint, but was looking for a lot of products for as little as possible. In comes Fragrance Direct, I thought it would be good to try and get as many items for 99p and this Quartlet was one of the items. I love a good smokey eye and for 99p, why not?

So the day came and I was excited to see it came with directions! I liked the packaging it's small enough to slip in a hand bag if you need a touch up. It's sturdy and doesn't feel easily breakable with my clumsy hands. On to the swatch, If you read my blog frequently you'll know I like to take detailed photos and try to show you products as much as I can and will often to a swatch on my arm and on my eye, the arm swatch it missing in this post. Reason being, the swatches were diabolical.  Chalky, pale and non-pigmented I washed it off and forgot about the pallet I wasn't upset it was only 99p after all! 

Until now, it hadn't been used but I had some free time and wanted to test it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find with the aid of MUA eyeshadow primer the colours were good. Not the best but not as dreadful as I had originally felt about it, I followed the instructions not what I would normally do but I went for it and it was also surprisingly pretty!

Although this isn't the best product its not the worse I've ever used and for 99p I can't complain to much. Although I casted it to the side rather hastily! You can buy it HERE.

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