Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Inspired by look #3... Charmed.

Halloween Inspired by.. Charmed

Oh My Love crop top / Topshop acid wash jeans, £22 / Topshop black leather ankle booties, £53 / Topshop monogram pendant, £5.56 / Topshop lipstick, £9.91

Okay so granted Charmed isn't the scariest of all Halloween inspired shows but I thought this outfit I created fitted so perfectly with the early 90's vibe of the show. 

I adore the cut of the top and the old school looking jeans! paired with a cute pair of cut out shoes what's not to love? and I was so happy that I found a little 'P' necklace! for Piper, Pheobe and Prue! Perfect! All items are in topshop right now.

If you interested I've now to a whole tumblr account dedicated to these little 'inspired by...' polyvores and by clicking THIS LINK it will send you directly there or you can follow my Polyvore below. 

Which witch was your favourite?

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  1. Oh I remember really liking Charmed back then! Their clothes were cute and simple but always looked nice <3

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish