Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Inspired by... Look #1

Evening beauties, 
I thought I would kick off my little series for Halloween till Thursday I'm going to post a different outfit, inspired by a halloween/creepy/horror show/film that I love and a different shop to buy them from, I hope you like it and it inspires you if you are still stuck for ideas! This is something completely different for my blog so I would love to know what you think!

I would do American Horror Story first, as it's my all time favourite TV series. If you follow me on twitter you will know I am in love with the new series 'Coven' anything to do with witches makes my heart happy. If you've not seen it you really really should! 

I also used the shop 'primark' as 1. I work there so I've been  looking at inspiration for this all week, and 2. It's affordable, so if you don't think you'll wear it again at least it won't break the bank! Although they are all wearing black and are mostly covered up there is still something sexy about the outfits, which I loved the idea of very Halloween without looking like a tacky so and so! Also how amazing is that umbrella if anyone knows where I can find it please let me know.

What will you be going as this halloween?!
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  1. Love the Dress and boots, Gorgeous choices

    Carrieanne x

  2. I love American Horror Story! I have a Halloween party coming up and I'm considering going as a witch.