Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Inspired #2 by.. Carrie.

Inspired by... Carrie.

River Island spaghetti strap dress / River Island platform shoes / River Island kiss lock purse / River Island open heart pendant necklace

Hello beauties, 
Another lead up to halloween inspired by post here! I've really enjoyed creating these and have made a ton, I'll leave a link to my polyvore at the bottom as I don't see me stopping any time soon.

For this look I went for Carrie, everyone knows the story right? at least I hope they do its a classic! This is obviously Carrie pre-prom when she looks gorgeous and not covered in pigs blood. The colours are all super similar to the original and everything can be brought in River Island right now, I've just modernised it slightly and with the shoes and the pretty dress! I think with a little stragicially placed blood splatters (on yourself eg. face, arms, legs.) there no shadow of a doubt people will understand who you are! 

What's your favourite thing to dress up for halloween as?

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  1. I haven't seen Carrie and the line "before she was all covered in pigs blood" sounds so funny not getting the reference haha.
    Maybe I'll watch it this Halloween!

    Lauren xx | Lauren J