Saturday, 19 October 2013

Glossybox October 2013 - Dark Romance

Good Evening beauties, 
I was so excited to receive this months Glossybox, which was themed 'Dark Romance' that makes me think of vampires and autumn fashions. Mmm. Unfortunately while I liked the products in the box they don't ring true to the name. I've done something a little different this time normally I just throw up a post of everything I get in my box the morning I get it but, I've chosen to use the items from the box for a week and then report back what I think. Let me know if you like this change!

inPRESS False Nails
Ooooh! Now who wouldn't be happy with this?! I haven't used them yet but know the brand is really amazing from previous experiences. These pretty nails have a gorgeous gold glitter pattern on the white which makes me excited for Christmas when I will be wipping these beauties out!

Katy Perry Killer Queen - Sample.
I see a lot of people don't like these little vials, but I find them quiet handy whenever I get them I tend to throw them in my handbag and whip them out when needed, this is also great as you get to experience the scent in a real life situation instead of 'spray, rub on wrist, sniff' I recently squirted this in the locker room at work and had a few people ask me what I'd sprayed. I like it but it doesn't ring true to what I imagine a 'Killer Queen' to smell like its sweet a fruity where as I expected it to be deep, musky maybe even a little masculine. 

Monu - Illuminating Primer
I needed a primer and like buses two came along at once. However this is my favourite of the two, I had yet to use a softer/creamy primer but this was a very welcome addition. I like the feel of this primer and can apply it soon after my moisturiser, in the same way in fact! It leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, brighter and keeps my make-up in place all day. What more could you ask for? This is by far my favourite product I received from a brand I would love to know more about!

MeMeMe  - Cheek and Lip Tint
This is probably the only product that correlates with the boxes theme, I like it but I'm not sure I will get much use from it. I think it maybe a slightly cheaper dupe to the benefit version which name escapes me right now. I have tons of mini versions that I've used then tossed to the side as they all dry to quickly to blend or bleed on the lips. I will try it and if it impresses me expect a review!

Harmony Smoothie Serum
First up, I wouldn't say this is a serum to me a serum is mostly a clear liquid somewhere between a gel and a oil when applied to the sink I've always known serums to sink in and not leave a greasy residue. This however doesn't smell of anything, is creamy in texture it does however sink in perfectly but lacks and smell and effect!


I'm pretty pleased with this Glossybox, I feel they could of tried a little harder with the theme and the matching products but you win some.. I was also impressed with the fact all the products are of pretty decent size 2 full size and 2 generous samples sizes make me very happy and more possible to do some short and snappy reviews!

What did you think of my new Glossybox post?! What was your favourite?
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  1. I love Impress nails however I feel like they should make 'em a little shorter as filing them down can take a little time. However I love them! Love the little primer too :) x

  2. Glossybox is definitely getting a lot better by the looks of things!!

  3. I had almost the exact same except i had argan oil instead of nails... I want impressed with mine. The products aren't my cup of tea :( x