Friday, 9 August 2013

The Fragrance Shop - Discovery Club 3rd Edition

 Happy Friday Beauties

I recently spotted a few of these box floating around the bloggersphere so being a huge perfume lover I though I would give it ago myself. The is a quarterly box, which comes with 6 samples and booklet with a £10 voucher off each perfume sample they sent. I think it's a just a fun idea. I also really like perfume samples to store in my handbag as carrying around a full sized daisy is not what I want to do!

Quiza Quiza Quiza Pasion by Loewe - The spainish fashion house are now over here in the UK and they have released this perfume inspired by the Tango dance! Fancy. This perfume has a gorgeous smell its fruity with a slight undertone of floral I wouldn't wear this in the daytime its definitely more of a night time scent!

Elvis Jesus - Described as a Edgy dynamic scent for women who like to challenge the norm? Okay. Oh goodness, I wouldn't wear this BUT it smells so good. It has an almost vintage smell to it I can imagine this is what people in the 70's smelt like. It's also on the more masculine side. I like it a lot but I wouldn't wear it. Does that even make sense? Hm.

 Ledgend Pour Femme by Mont Blanc - This is the counterpart to the popular mens version described as a 'perfume of pleasure' bright and intense but tender and feminine Righty O. I'm not at all a fan, it's an odd one. I can't smell anything that they say is in it apart from a slight bit of Orange and a real plant like smell but not a good floral more like the heady scent you get when you cut flowers. I love a good floral but this is not for me. 

Alien Aqua Chic by Thiery Mugler - Alien is one my all time favorite
 perfume in the world but I reserve it for autumn and winter time as it is so musky and dark it just doesn't suit the summer. This is the lighter version that brings elegance and freshness. It's lovely, definitely more suitable for summer it's lighter  and fresher then the original slightly more floral too. Definitely a winner. 

 These next two are mens, which will be passed on to my Matt!

Eua De Lacoste Noir - This is described as a scent that bottles up warm summer evenings and the moment when daytime melts into the night. Well, thats all well and good but to me it smells like sexy men. It's so lovely, Although I'm terrible at describing what mens aftershave smells like I find the majority of them smell the same :(

Gentlemen Only by Givenchy - Described as contemporary elegance and refinement of  Gentlemen Only. Who thinks of these things honestly? Oh this is good. Slightly more fresher and clean smelling then I thought it would be smells like someone who would wear a casual suit lol I can definitely smell the musky base notes. Lovely!

Well wow, I tried. I'm not the best at describing any smells to be honest but I think I did alright for this first effort. You can try this little box of smells HERE for £5!

What perfume is your favorite? and which one of this box sounds the best?
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  1. This sounds good I do like a good perfume sample

    Carrieanne x

  2. I really want a sniff of that Elvis Jesus one. It sounds so good :) x

  3. It sounds like a really nice idea, although I have enough of little perfume vials to last me a lifetime haha :D <3 you did well with your descriptions xx

    Gemma ♥ | Ɱiss Ɱakeup Ɱagpie

  4. it's such a good idea i used to work for The perfume Shop and we did something similar but only sold in-store.