Saturday, 31 August 2013

Deborah Milano24 Ore Velvet Eyeshadow & Ultraliner Review

Hello Beauties! 

The lovely people over at Deborah Milano asked me if I would like to try some more of their products, Which of course I jumped at as I was so impressed with the lipstick they had previously sent me you can read that review HERE. I chose a Eyeshadow in the shade Apricot & their Eyeliner.

For quite a while I've been looking for a eyeshadow in a peachy apricot shade and really struggled so when I saw that Deborah Milano sold one I was so excited, I've never tried a shade like this on my eyes so I had no idea what to expect. It a gorgeous burnt orange shimmer that's so perfectly pigmented and easy to blend the colour is also extremely consistent which I love and it's not at all powdery. 

So these eyeliners happen to be my favourite. I love the dip and draw concept and it's what i've always preferred. I do how ever find some nibs are too bendy and flexible and that drives me mad, this one however this one is PERFECT is stiff enough to not create ugly tugging on splashing? you know when eyeliners flick? that drives me nuts too. I'm not sure i've come across and eyeliner as good as this one and I've tried a lot. It really is effortless and SO easy to use, the colour is also the perfect pitch black. It's also Hypo-allergenic. I LOVE it. 

So I created this little look as I thought I should show you what they both look like on the eye. I actually really like it, it appears a lot brighter on the lid and I think that might be something to do with my eye colour and skin tone but I think for a pop of colour in autumn/winter it looks great! 

Have you tried any Deborah Milano eyeshadows?
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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Creams




Hello beauties! How are we all today? Thanks for to everyone who wished Lulu well she's very slowly getting better and getting back to her naughty self!

While browsing Fragrance Direct the other night I spotted these... Now instantly I thought of Collection Cream Puffs and I couldn't be more right, when I first brought cream puffs and fell in love one thing I wished for were more colours. Dreams come true girls!

The packaging is practically identical to the cream puffs in fact the other difference is the labels. They feel sturdy and strong you wouldn't find this accidentally opened in a make-up bag. The doe foot applicator is simple and easy to use and holds a good amount of product.

56k - Dusty Pink - Wow I love this colour, a really pretty feminine pink. It's not at all bright but still lifts your make-up and is noticeable. It reminds me of a real vintage pink, or a pink rose! Lovely!

45H - Red - This is a lovely red tone with slight blue undertones, I find the formula of this one less attractive then the other two and had to apply it twice to achieve an even finish. You can see in the photo it was opaque.

54L - Deep Pink - This colour is so pretty and really hard to pin point its pink and yet it has a peachy red tone too, but I found it really flattering against my pale skin tone. It looks gorgeous on a the formula is lovely.

I really like these and they come in 7 different colours! The most amazing part? they only cost 99p, Quickly to Fragrance Direct!

Will you be trying these Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Creams?!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

NYC - Liquid Concealer

Left eye nont concealed, Right eye concealed. sorry about the dodgy angle and the huge pores

Hey beauties just a quick post from me today we've had to take Lulu to the vets as she's been mega poorly I'm all over the place!

Let's just start off by saying I brought this from Fragrance Direct on a complete whim, I've recently found it so hard to find a concealer that is light enough for my ghost face. Then I came across this, looked up the swatches online and instantly put it in my basket.

The thing I like most about this concealer is it's not incredibly yellow toned like every single one i've tried recently, the forumula isn't too thick and it isn't too thin. I covers everything that needs to be covered and has a really great staying power. I'd even go as far as saying I prefer this one more then Collection lasting concealer!

The best bit? I brought it HERE for 99p! Amazing.

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Vivo - Matte Lipstick - Pucker Red

Happy Sunday beauties! Hope your all having a lovely chilled out day!

As I said in my previous post I brought a few things from the Vivo sale which has been continued into the bank holiday so grab yourselves a bargain already!

The packaging is sturdy and easy to hold, the lid clips into place so you have no fear of it slipping off in your handbag and going everywhere, trust me it's happened. The only downside is its a little on the bulky side.

The product is easy to use I found the shape of the lipstick really easy to navigate around my lips which isn't an easy job as they are quiet plump and defined. I found it smooth going on and I can't imagine it sticking to dry parts if you have any, The colour is pigmented but appears much darker on the stick it's not a bad thing as it comes out as a true red which I love! It's said to be a Matte shade on the website but I really don't think it is, you can see in the photo it's got a lovely sheen to it which makes it appear glossy. 

I brought this gorgeous lipstick for only 99p HERE. 
Have you tried any Vivo Lipsticks?
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Friday, 23 August 2013

Vivo Eyeshadow Palette - Dreamy

Afternoon beauties! 

I recently purchesed a few things from Vivo while they had a 50% off sale. This gorgeous little palette is so lovely and I couldn't be more pleased with it. 

The packaging itself is firm and feels strong. I also really like the amount of eyeshadow you get in the pans, it's a large amount for a little palette. There are 12 different colours with a mixture of two mattes and the rest are shimmer/glitters. Sadly the two matte shades don't translate very well the top row second shade, and the bottom row third is the worst, I practically got nothing even when I mushed the eyeshadow a little. The rest however are out of this world pigmented so I can forgive the bad two. I brought this little palette for £1.99 and it has better pigmentation then any other eyeshadows i've recently tried! Not only that but they are the perfect shades for autumn! The stay on them is pretty long wearing and they only suffer a tiny bit of creasing!

Perfect. Did you buy anything in the Vivo Sale its currently still running! You can get this palette HERE.
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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

W7 - Loads of Lashes

Afternoon beauties! I've got another product from W7 to show you! 

This one is called Loads of Lashes and its a nifty little product that claims to give you that false lash effect without the use of false lashes!

The packaging itself is sleek and in clear bold letters on the front tells you what the product is and how to use it, The instructions come on the outside box which is a big pink leopard printed tube.

The instructions are as followed and pictured above,
1. Apply preferred mascara 
2. Apply fibers while mascara is still wet
3, Apply another coat of mascara
Repeat 2-3 for desired look.

Now this does sound incredibly easy, which it is providing you use the right techniques. I find the fibers can be super hard to apply to my short lashes as I feel that there's not much room for them to stick too, another thing the brush itself is really intimidating and holds a heck of a lot of fibers, so much so I found myself picking some off, which still resulted in fibers all over my face, nothing that a big fluffy brush wouldn't fix though! 

The overall effect I wasn't amazed by. I feel like my eyelashes played a massive part they are short straight and thick they never curl properly and I think the fibers would probably look amazing on people with slightly longer lashes! They did however add to the volume and also made my bottom lashes stand out more.

Have you tried anything like this before? Would you consider Loads of Lashes?

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Monday, 19 August 2013

W7 - Pink Flakes - Review

Good morning beauties! I've got another nail polish to show you,

This is a new release from W7 a brand that I am not to familiar with, I've tried nail polishes from them and a few blushers. I was really excited when Aqua PR contacted me asking if I would like to try something from them, Instantly I choose this nail polish I have a real soft spot for flakie nail polishes. 

The packaging reminds me of a higher brand product and it holds a fair amount of polish. The nail polish brush itself is standard but still manages to pick up just enough flakes and nail polish so you don't have to dig around. The nail polish itself is a gorgeously glossy clear based pink with big chunky blue iridescent flakes. On it's own it doesn't look like much but layered over another colour it really looks beautiful. I can imagine this looking stunning over a purple polish, the dry time is quick and the overall effect is really beautiful!

You can buy these nail polishes HERE. Have you tried any W7 nail polishes?
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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bourjois Line Feutre - Ultra Black

Afternoon beauties! I'm off to work at 12 boo! Hope your all having a better day then I am! 

I picked up this eye liner last week on whim really, I love pen eyeliners but I never seem to have much luck with them, I always forget to put the lid back on so the nib dries out. So silly! However, I picked this one up hoping it would live up to its claims.

The pen its self is easy to hold and doesn't slip out of the hands, the nib is both able to create a thin and a thick line. I think it's a great little product although I do have three faults with it, 1. It's not 'ultra black' not even the slightest, it is black but not a bold black as I had anticipated. 2. Not much product leaves the very tip of the nib, you can see from the swatches on my hand and the corner of my eye that its really patchy at the ends and faded, 3. The pen drags on my eye,  I think this is because not much product leaves the nib so it creates a pull where it should be wet enough just to glide. While I don't use this product to create my whole eye look I find it a million times easier to use a liquid eyeliner on my lash line and then use this to create the flick, its effortless and really does make a lovely flick! 

Have you tried any Bourjois Eyeliners?
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Friday, 16 August 2013

Kelly Brook Eyeshadow Quad - Lana

Afternoon beauties!

I was buying a new jacket in New Look yesterday and while queuing I spotted this little appealing palette by Kelly Brook, I picked up the Lana palette. They always seem to put pretty things in the Que so you just can't resist picking something up!

Anyway on to the palette the outside box is really pretty and looks great but once opened and the palette removed its flimsy and looks easily breakable. Granted the eyeshadows look like they will be fine but the hinges and top plastic cover aren't great. You get a decent amount of eyeshadow per colour which I love, and the pretty bow indented design looks so cute and girly, all colours are shimmers L-R Cream, Peach, Champagne and Plum. I was really disappointed to find the first three aren't at all pigmented I had to heavily swatch them to show the colour on my arm but the plum shade was a quick dip and swipe and it's SO pigmented, I don't really understand how three lack colour but the last is really strong. I mean they are okay, I suppose the first three could be used for highlighter on a topper on another eyeshadow to add a little sparkle but, being the good blogger I am a pursued them and created a very neutral look, using the cream, champagne and very gently the plum! They came out slightly brighter on the lid as I applied MUA's eyeshadow primer. A plus to this product is it only cost me £2.99!

Have you tried anything from the Kelly Brook Make-up range?

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