Friday, 26 July 2013

Brand of the Week #1; Collection - Smokey Eyes Palette

Mediums - Grey Shimmer, Champagne Shimmer, Silver Shimmer

Dark - Matte Black, Satin golden brown, Matte brown
Lights - Matte White, Matte Pink, Light Pink Creme

Afternoons beauties! This is the last part of my 'Brand of the week' on collection! and I think this might just be my most favorite product yet.

I picked this up with the other two while I was in superdrug and the thing that most appealed to me was that it contained matte and shimmer colours that were easily wearable and even more easy to wear. The packaging isn't the best as it doesn't have a magnet to close the cardboard outer packaging! The colours are all well pigmented and last really well, although I have discovered a little bit of a favorite, I always like a bronze eyeshadow look but in the summer it can look slightly too orange so I've been reaching for the medium champagne shimmer more and more often. It's can either be applied lightly for a subtle sheen or how I like it, packed on tightly so it really glitters but isn't too in your face. I was really naughty and forgot to take a photo of this on my eye but, to make up for it I will later on today and upload it tonight, so check back later if you would like to see what I created! One thing I also really like about this little palette is the simplicity of it, I think it would make a perfect gift for a girl just getting into make-up its everything you need in one place.

This palette also comes in three other arrangements which I have my eye on Bedazzled(Glitter) Angelic(Pastels) and Poptastic(Brights. You can buy it in superdrug like I did or from HERE on the Collection website!


*Product was brought by myself, review 100% my own

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  1. I actually love the look of this palette! I think it's a palette that you could use alllll the shades easily - I hate getting a palette where there are like 4 shades you'd never use.


  2. That actually looks like an amazing palette! I love how they have categorized them :) x

  3. this looks amazing! I have a couple of products from Collection and they're all really good, would love to try this! :) x

  4. i love how pigmented the colours are, the palette looks amazing xx


  5. Such pretty colours!


  6. I agree. It would be a great starter palette. Have seen these and they all look really lovely!
    hareem x

  7. great review, the colours look so pigmented! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!♡

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  8. I've seen this before but never thought to ever pick it up, the colours looks really pretty though and so pigmented :)