Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Essie Sleek Sticks - Some Like It Haute!

Hello beauties! 

I was a super lucky lady this month and actually managed to get my hands on three of these. That's right, 3 all for nothing, one was in my glossybox and the other two I won in the same competition. I hadn't had the best experience using things like this, I often found they didn't stick right a flip off but I'm delighted to say these worked amazing, Go Essie! 

They couldn't be easier to use, 
- The pack comes with 18 pre-shaped stickers, find one that fits the finger your applying to.
- Place on finger, smooth down so there is no creases
- This is an added tip I'm going to add which made it easier for me, first pull one side down, and file next pull the other side down and file, I just find filing it all at once left me with creases and an uneven finish doing it my way you get nice and close to the nail.
- Pull off excess. 
- Done!

It's really really easy there is no need for heat either which I think is a right pain. They look great they feel great and you get tons of compliments, The three I got are all Some like it Haute! Which I love a classic red backgroud with textured gold and clear(but they look red) studs? or dots? I'm not sure what you would call them. Sadly I can't comment on how long these last because I'm a picker and I picked these off half asleep in bed, but they did stay put for 5+ hours! So I can guarantee they would be perfect for a night out/wedding/event. 

They are expensive at £10+ but they are worth it you can pick up some amazing designs too! I've been looking online and I can only find this set HERE at boots!

Have you tried any nail wraps? which ones are you a fan of?
*I won this product, Views are 100% my own
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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Maybelline Baby Lip Review

Left - Cherry Me, Center - Pink Punch, Right - Peach Kiss
Cherry Me.
Pink Punch
Peach Kiss

Happy Sunday beauties,
I'm so excited to finally have some Maybelline Baby Lips in my possession. Before I even started blogging I followed an american blog call Noveal Cheap which feature new drugs store releases, Current Sales ect. and something that popped up regularly was always Baby Lips! They are now available in the U.K from superdrug and boots which is so exciting. At the moment I have seen 3 un-tinted and 3 tinted (the ones I brought).

Cherry Kiss - Cherry kiss comes in a really eye catching orange twist up lip balm holder with a clear lip and pink writing, The colour on the lips is a gorgeous but really subtle red but its glossy and just gorgeous! The smell reminds me of a cherry sweet which is sickly but when its applied I smell nothing.

Pink Punch - This is my favorite of the bunch quite a bright pink tint, not as glossy as the other two but still glossy. It's smell is hard to pin point it's tropical smelling but not the tropical everyone smells it  kind of smells juicy? is that weird. I hope not. The colour is amazing with this one, I'm so impressed.

Peach Kiss - This is probably my least favorite, while I love the smell of peaches (smells like peach sweets) the colour is a little to be desired, I thought it would be more nude and slightly more pigmented but it's not. It also contains really fine shimmer this isn't a bad thing but I prefer less, you can't feel it at all on your lips though. It kind of gives you that 'you lips but better' look.

All in all I am so impressed with these baby lips! I read somewhere that they are hardly pigmented which was a little dissapointing, but upon trying them myself I couldn't disagree more, for a lip balm they are amazing. The smells, the tint, the colours, everything, I love them! You can get them here at superdrug or here at boots!

Have you tried Baby Lips Yet?

*products were brought with my own money, views 100% my own
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Friday, 26 July 2013

Brand of the Week #1; Collection - Smokey Eyes Palette

Mediums - Grey Shimmer, Champagne Shimmer, Silver Shimmer

Dark - Matte Black, Satin golden brown, Matte brown
Lights - Matte White, Matte Pink, Light Pink Creme

Afternoons beauties! This is the last part of my 'Brand of the week' on collection! and I think this might just be my most favorite product yet.

I picked this up with the other two while I was in superdrug and the thing that most appealed to me was that it contained matte and shimmer colours that were easily wearable and even more easy to wear. The packaging isn't the best as it doesn't have a magnet to close the cardboard outer packaging! The colours are all well pigmented and last really well, although I have discovered a little bit of a favorite, I always like a bronze eyeshadow look but in the summer it can look slightly too orange so I've been reaching for the medium champagne shimmer more and more often. It's can either be applied lightly for a subtle sheen or how I like it, packed on tightly so it really glitters but isn't too in your face. I was really naughty and forgot to take a photo of this on my eye but, to make up for it I will later on today and upload it tonight, so check back later if you would like to see what I created! One thing I also really like about this little palette is the simplicity of it, I think it would make a perfect gift for a girl just getting into make-up its everything you need in one place.

This palette also comes in three other arrangements which I have my eye on Bedazzled(Glitter) Angelic(Pastels) and Poptastic(Brights. You can buy it in superdrug like I did or from HERE on the Collection website!


*Product was brought by myself, review 100% my own

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Brand of the Week #1 Collection - Lock n Hold Lipgloss

Hello beauties, 
Continuing with my brand week today with this Collection Lock n Hold Lipgloss in Body Pop, I've got one more thing coming up tomorrow which I really like. 

I picked this little gem up the other day while browsing Superdrug, I first picked it up as the colour really reminded me of the bareMinerals Lipgloss I reviewed a few months back. The colour is almost identical but they feel a lot different.  

The packaging of this looks like something from the 90's too me which I find super cute, the doe foot applicator is long in shape but easy to use. The formula is sticky as all lipglosses are but it's not the stickiest of lipglosses i've ever used in fact it's on the pleasant side. The colour pay off is subtle but just enough I think it would look gorgeous layered over a nude or soft pink lipstick to add some depth. It claims to last 6hrs plus but I didn't perticually see this, It lasted well but as soon as you drink or eat it transfers onto the glass. I also found it moisturizing and not too drying which was a surprise, although if you have dry lips I would advise a lip balm or something before hand as you can see the colour sinks into the lip creases. 

Overall I really like this lipgloss and think its perfect for chucking in your make-up bag for a midday pick me up! I picked this up for the bargain price of £2.99! It also comes in 5 other shades and I've got my eye on Break Dance next a coral orange colour. You can actually buy this on the Collection website HERE.

Have you tried any Collection Lipglosses yet?
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Monday, 22 July 2013

Brand of the Week #1 Collection - Eyeshadow Pencils

Vintage blush, Hot chocolate, Vanilla sky & Midnight Glam

Happy Monday beauties! 
I just thought I would explain a little before I move on to the review , I'm currently starting a new series exciting! I've decided to feature one brand for one week now and again, this week and the brand I am starting with is Collection! I've become obsessed with their affordable and good quality make-up! Let me know what you think? and any brands you would like me to feature :)

When I first spotted these in superdrug I knew they had to be mine, I'd never seen anything quiet like them so I was really excited to try them out. I picked up four shades...

Vintage blush - A gorgeous rosie pink blush shade.
Hot chocolate - A chocolate brown with golden undertones.
Vanilla sky - A creamy vanilla colour with a stuble golden undertone.
Midnight glam- A black with a grey base not what I would call a true black. 

I would also just like to add they all contain a stuble shimmer but instead of making them look bitty/gritty it adds a metalic look.

The formula is so soft! They remind me of huge kohl eyeliners but with a sliky touch. I used Vanilla Sky, Hot chocolate and Midnight glam to create the bottom look. The only thing I would say is they are really hard to blend together it too me a long time for it to look decently blended and in the process I lost quiet a lot of pigment from Hot chocolate but on the plus side these babies are waterproof so they are really long lasting especially with my watery eyes I would say the lash line colour lasted a good 3 hours on my eyes which is a mean feat in its self! 

You can buy these at Superdrug for £2.50 each or you can buy them online at the Collection website for just over £3! Have you tried any Collection Eyeshadow Pencils? 
*Products brought with my money, 100% honest opinions as always. 

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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sleek Pout Paints - Review & Swatches!

Happy Sunday beauties! 

I was so excited to see these to pretty playthings in my glossybox this month, I've heard so much about the Sleek Paint Pouts and they just sounded really up my street, the fact you can mix them with each other to create a colour you like. 

The two colours I received were Rosette(the pink) and Cloud 9 (the white) which I was so happy with, it meant I could really experiment! Rosette is really my type of pink, rich and but bright and a perfect even coverage. I loved how it looks on the lip and chose to actually mix Rosette and Cloud on my lip directly! I wasn't sure what the outcome would be but I really loved the colour. I'd say I used 1:1 ratio to acheive the baby pink almost lilac colour! Although I like the colour the coverage wasn't too pleasing. I found it too be hard to even out and slightly streaky, Next time I will definitely add less white :) 

All in all I really enjoyed playing with these and seeing what colours I could create and just a heads up, I'm going to be trying something new here on the blog from tomorrow on wards every other day I will be reviewing something from one brand and one brand only starting with Collection. I will try and keep this up for as many weeks and with as many brands possible! Although it might not be every week say, 2 weeks a month! So keep in tune for that!  

Have you tried any Sleek Paint Pouts?
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*products were brought with my own money, opionons are 100% my own and honest as always

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Natural Collection - Moonshine Lipstick!

Afternoon beauties! I feel like I'm constantly posting lip products, I hope it doesn't bore you guys too much, I had planned a few eye products but I had a real misshap with one and then I got poorly eyes so I haven't been able to try any of it out which is a little sad but please bare with me! 

Today I'm showing you this little Natural collection lipstick I picked this up in boots when the products where buy on get one half price, a complete bargain when it comes to this brand! The colour I picked up was Moonshine, I love my brights but since falling in love with the collection creme puff in fairy cake I've been wanting to try a few slightly more coral colours. When I opened the lipstick I was delighted by its corally tone not too orange, still with pink undertone and no shimmer! Perfect. When it was applied to the lips it was a different story. The colour translates into a really pale peach tone which I didn't think was bad just completely different to the stick! Unusual. While it felt nice on the lips the colour was so hard to get even, the formula was super silky and creaming and as I was swiping it on trying to get it even I felt like it was just moving the lipstick around! Not the best lipstick review I've ever given and maybe its just a one off colour as I have others from this brand that work gorgeously! 

Have you tried any lipstick from Natural Collection in Boots?

 *this product was brought with my own money, all opinions are 100% my own and honest as always.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Budget Bucket List - Money Supermarket

Hey beauties! Little bit of a different post today, I hope you don't mind!

Money Supermarket are currently running a competition where you tell them your 'one budget' and one 'extravagant' bucket list items, and if you win you can receive £1000 towards it. £2000 if more the 50 people enter. So I decided to give it ago. Why not aye?

The Budget.

London Zoo! I have been meaning to go here for the longest time, but so many things have been getting in the way, money, time and the weather are the main aspects. My fiancé has never been so I would love to be able to take him. When I was young me and my mum would hop on a train come here with a little packed lunch and spend the whole day looking at the animals (I've adored animals since I was little) and I would love to go back and see how it has changed, see all the animals and just spend the day with my fiancé having fun in a place that is very nostalgic to me.

The Extravagant

The German Christmas markets. I honestly have dreamt about going here for as long as I remember. I love the winter and everything that goes along with it, The thought of wondering around drinking hot chocolate, eating yummy food, going ice skating sounds amazing and then cuddling up in a big comfy bed with maybe a wood fire going just sounds out of this world! I think if I ever do get the chance I would cry, like literally cry with happiness it's just one of those things I dream of doing but I know it would be so hard and it's just too far out of my reach at the moment but you never know right?

So they were my two choices! Would you do any of these?

I'm going to tag three people here who I think would enjoy this post too! 

Hayley at Haysparkle
and Jess at Lovely Jubbly 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Collection - Colour Pro Lip Lacquer - Show Off

I've got another confession to make.
 I've yet again fallen in love with a brand, Collection. Collection has literally stole my heart make-up wise. I love the price and the quality and I'm not going to lie I've been on a little bit of a spending spree. I feel like recently they have really up'd their game and I will be featuring them a lot in the next few posts! 

This product was one of two lip gloss/lip lacquer I picked up called Colour Pro Lip Lacquer. I wasn't too sure what to expect when I applied it but I was thinking along the lines of Apocolips. These little Lacquers don't have quite as much pigment but not far off but I actually like these A LOT better and I will explain why. I don't find them sticky in fact have you seen the Cheryl Cole glamshine advert? were she bites her lip and none of the product is removed? These amazing little gems do that! I even tried pretty hard and NONE of the Lacquer was removed. I'm so impressed with this! They also have a nice range of colours.

Have you tried anything from collection recently?

*this product was brought by myself and all opinions are 100% my own

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Glossybox - July 2013 - Quick Look

 Coola Mineral Sunscreen

 Bamboo Style Boho Waves

 Essie Nail Wraps

 Anatomicals Facial Spritz

2 Sleek Pout Paints

Hey beauties! Thought I would just show you what I got in my Glossybox this month, The theme was Seaside and going on holiday and I honestly am so happy with this box as I will genuinely use every little bi. I didn't want to go into too much details as I do want to review quite a lot of it! 

What did you get in your box? 

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Friday, 12 July 2013

Marks & Spencer Natures Extracts Shea Body Butter! Dupe alert!

Good morning beauties! It's Friday, Doing anything lovely this weekend?

It's no secret that I love body butters from the body shop! As much as I love the fruity smells something puts me off slathering my body in it. I much prefer the nutty, earthy scents. My all time favourite being Shea, I own Shea body butter, Soap, Exfoliator the lot! but I really begrudge paying £13 for a big pot of body butter. As much as I love it £13 is expensive. 

So when I found this little almost dupe I was so happy!

Now although this isn't an exact dupe it comes pretty darn close the only difference being a slight change in colour, The body shop body butter is more yellow and the Marks & Spencers body butter is creamier coloured. Another difference is also the smell, they are so close to being the same but something I can't put my finger on differs. You can see from my photo above how similar the textures are. I have also looked at the ingredients and I know very little about what things are and what they are called but from what I can see they both pretty much use exactly the same things. 

On to what I think of the M&S version! Extremely moisturising, sinks in effortlessly and the smell lingers which I love! I've been complimented a few times by people saying I smell good so when I've not been wearing perfume so it must be this! It's just an all around good body butter! 

The best bit? It's £5. You heard me right! £5! and at the moment you can buy one get one half price so that's £7.50 for two 200ml pots! I honestly couldn't be happier. Considering at the moment I could buy 4 of these for £15 and in The body shop I could only buy one! Genius I also am really intrigued looking further into this new brand as it's so good for money and everything from the range is now BOGOF! 

Have you tried anything from M&S Natures Extracts range?

*This product was brought with my own money. Review is 100% honest  and my own

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