Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mini Body Shop Haul #1

Is it strange before now that I have never really looked into The Body Shop? Everyone raves on about it and I have dabbled in the past but I've never really brought something or I have and just not used it. What was I thinking? My lovely fiancé treated me to a few bits a few weekends ago and I really wish I had done it sooner! 

 Shea Body Butter.

I'm not intirly sure what made me pick this up, as I am a real strong fruit smelling lover, I love things that smell and last a really long time, But I picked this up and I'm so glad it did. The aroma is very mild with a little bit of a nutty undertone but its very pleasant. The thing I love most about this body butter is how it feels on the skin, as soon as it goes on it literally feels like silk. I've never used another butter or another body lotion that feels so so silky and so moisturising. The only thing I will say if you apply too much (you really don't need a lot,) then you might be left with an almost powdery feeling. Over all, I'm in love!

 Grapefruit Lip Butter.

I think everyone and their dog has used one of these at some point. I definitely have used them before but a good few years ago, and it just got chucked into the back of the drawer. I picked this one up as Matt LOVES the grapefruit smell and so do I, It's really zingy and uplifting. The Lip butter itself, leaves the tinyiest amount, if any colour on the lips but is incredibly moisturising and lovely. The smell is strong enough so after applying you can smell it on your lips! I apply this every night before I go to sleep and I wake up with lovely soft lips!

I would love to explore this brand further is there anything you lovelies recommend?

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  1. The pink grapefruit scrub is lovely, and the orange shower gel mmm. The body shop is my go to for fruity! xx

  2. Oh I love all their body butters they're so gorgeous!

  3. The body shop do some great products. Shea butter is a fab moisturiser :)

    Ria x

  4. All the body butters smell so nice :)

  5. Great haul! I have to check out The Body Shop because everyone in the beauty community loves it! <3
    xoxo -B ♡

  6. I kept on seeing this in bestcovery.
    I'll give this a try!:)
    Thanks for this, sweetie.
    Riza of Pour L'Instant

  7. I love the bodyshop, their body butters smell amazing!

  8. Love body shop body butters! Usually use the coconut ones but love strawberry and mango for the summer, smell amazing! xx

    Heels forever

  9. I love the body shop body butters! They all smell awesome and are so moisturising. My favorite is the coconut collection. Smells divine!

  10. I've not tried the body shop lip butters before. I ordered a load of their stuff on sale this weekend. It was such a good bargain :) x

  11. I haven't used that lip butter but I can imagine just how divine it smells! But I must now go and try it!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  12. I once got a grapeseed body butter i loved...this makes me want to go back and try new ones! lovely :)

  13. I love their body butters. My fave is the mango one.

  14. Love The Body Shop products!

    Maddy @

  15. I really like the Body Shop body butters, but haven't bought anything from there in years now - need to pop in and see what's new as they do do some lovely products.
    Mel xx

  16. I've been loving body shop lately - they always have such amazing deals and money off their products. I picked up the Moringa body mist and a few other cheap bits in the sale recently!


  17. I've never tried the grapefruit lip butter but gosh, if it smells anything like the grapefruit body scrub (which it porbably does) it's going straight to number 1 on my wish list!