Saturday, 29 June 2013

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr - Pink Gold

Happy Saturday Beauties! 

Today I thought I would talk to you about one of my new favourites, I featured this in my monthly favourites because it is amazing. I really love using this the ease of it is just phenomenal. You can use your finger or a brush pat it on and pat it on your eyelid. Job's done and job's a goodun'

The colour it's self looks daunting in the pot its a pink gold but it's a little lilac looking too I was worried this wouldn't look good with my pale skin, but upon application I realised that it look great, It's a really warm toned pink which I think would suit people who like a bronze or brown eye shadow. It also last all day and would make a fabulous eye shadow base.

Have you tried this one yet? What your favourite?
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  1. Ooh I saw this in your monthly favourites I really love it! May have to invest :)

    Katie xx

    Beauty and the Baker

  2. this is such a pretty colour! i have on and on bronze and permanent taupe and i love them so i will definitely keep my eye out for this shade!x

  3. I love how subtle this is. Perfect for wearing it everyday :)
    hareem x

  4. I still havent tried these yet, I really love this colour though. It might just tempt me to get it! x

  5. That's a gorgeous shade but I doubt I'd wear it enough to buy it!


  6. I love the maybelline colour tattoos :D
    This shade looks gorgeous but I really like permanent taupe
    Love your blog! ♥♥

    Khadija x
    P.S. I have a giveaway going on and would love if you entered

  7. Hey hun! Got your link from the #bblogger chat, just letting you know I've followed you on bloglovin and I'd love for you to check my blog and youtube out!

    Thanking you!! :)x
    P.S I think I'm gonna have to buy this now!!