Sunday, 30 June 2013

L'oreal Super Liner - Ultra Precision - Eye Liner.

Happy Sunday beauties, I hope your all well seeing as the lighting in my room was really nice this afternoon I thought I would try my new camera out, I've been so nervous about using it in blogpost as I feel like I set my standards for myself really high! but alas, I am very happy! What do you think?

On to the Eye liner! I was browsing superdrug looking for the new L'oreal eye liner called the 'blockbuster' it looks so very interesting but the nib reminds me of a fat felt tip pen and I was a little wary of it  (I know i'll pick it up at some point though!) I then picked up this little love L'oreal actually do a really large range of eye liner similar to this one and they are a really great price too! This one was only £6 something, fabulous. 

The eye liner itself is easy to line with, and by line I mean draw a nice thin line. It's super black, nice and pigmented which I love in a eye liner I really don't like having to go over and over to get a nice opaque black line. It's also really easy to make a flick. The nib does look a little daunting as it's not a normal nib it's rather long and looks as thought it could be made with a almost foam texture nib but you use it just like you would any other eye liner. It also last for a long time with no moving and transferring! My only down side to this eyeliner would have to be that the nib doesn't hold too much product you do have to dip and shake a few times for each eye, but if you can see past that then it pays off as a great all round eyeliner!

Have you tried any l'oreal eyeliner?


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  1. I think I've tried this one, if not similar, and I found it crap. Really really awful haha xx

    1. Oh no that's such a shame it works pretty well for me! xx

  2. That looks as if it has applied really well :) The packaging looks great too! x

  3. Ohh this looks great!! Your so good at eyeliner too, im rubbish at it usually haha.


  4. I have the blockbuster version and find that it is WAY too chunky. I was actually looking to purchase the one you bought but I couldn't find it at the time. I've got the gel version too from L'Oreal (got it in a beauty box) and I highly recommend that one. It comes with a nice brush to apply it with xo

  5. I found this years ago and won't use anything else! they used to just have one version but they bought out a couple more. My favorite is the black lacquer, you get such perfect flicks with the brilliant brush, looks great on you :)

  6. Hi! Lovely blog and great post! I would like to invite you to know my blog, do you like? ;)

  7. I do love eyeliners, may well try this as it looks good!

    Isabella xx