Thursday, 23 May 2013

First Impressions and Review of Graze Nibble Box!

 Hello beauties, Bit of a different post for you and me today its about something I hold very dear to me, FOOD! I love food, and at the moment I'm eating really healthy and have lost over half a stone.  Even before I started eating healthy I had looked at Graze! So this week I took the plunge and ordered my first free box you can find voucher codes everywhere, then I accidently ordered another one, So this morning 3 boxes turned up. I was so excited to open them as you never know what you are getting, using the website you rate what you 'bin, try, like & love' and based on these they will build you a random selection! 

Inside my little box I got a 'Hello' welcome book which tells you a ton of lovely information about the company, a 'Welcome' booklet which has all the details of your 4 snacks in, Including calories, fat ect. this also has 4 little pull away tabs to give to friends so they too can get a free box and It also comes with two £5 gift vouchers for Graze that you can give to friends to use! Very lovely.

I know a lot people will be put off at the fact Graze food is healthy and most people would say 'healthy' food isn't the tastiest. How wrong you are!? I was a little apprehensive of this when I saw it in my box, but I can honestly say it was the most delicious snack! The sauce was a lovely tomarto-y barbecue flavour and the whole wheat bread crisps where amazing to dip in! the flavour is so intense, I highly recommend it! 

Honeycomb flapjack, I'm a huge lover of flapjacks in all shapes and forms, and I can honestly say these were delicious they were sweet but not sweet and had an almost golden syrup taste, you get three little rolled oat flapjacks which is plenty!

Now, this wasn't something I was expecting as I put 'bin' on most of the spicy foods this one however must have slipped my radar and i'm really glad it did! It's so so yummy! I tried a few of these on their own and then I threw them all over a salad I was having for dinner, YUM!

Yum, yum, yum! mini chocolate circles, dried cranberries, almonds and little pieces of fudge! I really enjoyed this it was so good, In fact although it didn't taste like billionaires shortbread it is lovely and the fudge really works well with the sour cranberries, I ate this after my dinner and it was really filling.

I really enjoyed this graze box and I am thinking of doing a video review of the other one I got (I gave the porridge one to my mums boyfriend as I don't eat it), I think these are well worth the money as if eaten wisely you can have a lovely snack 4 days in a row! 

If you would like to receive a free box then you can sign up using this code L6YJ5YF and by clicking HERE

Have you tried a graze box yet?

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  1. I love Graze, think I'm gonna have to start getting them again!

  2. I love graze! I stopped ordering them a few months ago but really miss them so am tempted to start them back up again. I did end up with a massive pile of things that I hadn't eaten which is why I stopped but they are so good for snacking!
    Definitely do a video review.

    Hannah x