Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Caudalie Vinoperfect Day Fluid Review

Another short review today, The lovely people at The Hut & Beauty Expert sent me this cute little Caudalie sample. Now apart from the back it saying you apply it to you face and neck it didn't really give me much information on what it was, So I took it upon myself to find out about this little product! I used this once and then passed it on to my mum as I feel this product would be a lot more beneficial to a mid-aged lady. The first thing that struck me about this product was the smell, its gorgeous it smells of grapes not that awful fake grape smell either but the lovely fresh smell of grapes. 

Before I started looking for information about this product I  asked my mum who had been using it for around 4 days what she thought about it, She said 'the texture is very soft and silky, it doesn't weigh down my skin but moisturises it really well. I can also feel my skin getting firmer and feeling firmer and looking brighter' which is probably the best description of this product! as it was doing everything it claimed to do for her. 

Another bonus of this product it is 62 times more effective then vitamin E and a SPF 10! I think this would make the most perfect gift for a slightly older lady or someone who needs a little pick me up, I also think this would make an amazing gift, and I'm considering getting my mum a full sized version for her birthday in July.

You can find other Caudalie Products HERE.



  1. Hi Jamie, I so want to try this. I have the Elixir and love love love it! Thanks for bringing this to my attention - i think i now need to go and spend some money :-) A Scottish Lass ❤

  2. I love Caudalie products... I used their Vinosource Sorbet-Creme and it is such a nice lightweight moisturizer!

    Ellie | Ellalogy