Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hair Lessons - Chapter Three - What Do Products Do?

Hey beauties, today I thought I'd tell you the basics of everyday things we use. I know people will think, Everyone knows this! but do you? You can click these to go back to Lesson One and Lesson Two. I am really giving you the basic's here, I will be going into alot more detail on certain things as the weeks progress!
I would also love to know if you guys are enjoying this series?


We've all used shampoo before but its not just something that cleans your hair, the science behind it is pretty cool. When a shampoo bubbles up, the bubbles suck up/grab the dirt and grease in your hair and wash them away with the water you use to rinse. Shampoo also opens up your cuticles which is why you need...


Conditioner is also so important! once you've opened up your cuticles you should the condition your hair as it adds a lot of moisture, and helps keep hair strong it also helps add a shine and glossiness and makes hair overall a ton easier to manage.

Treatment/Hair Mask

These are perfect if you have damaged or unruly hair. I would only use these once a week and applying to much conditioner to ones hair can sometimes weigh it down, and cause greasiness. These are great left on for 5-30 minutes and sometimes even longer. Always pay attention to what the manufactures say as it is there for a reason. Hair Mask and Treatments are often a more condensed and intense way of conditioning your hair.

Hair Spray!

Yay! Everyone's Favorite, Hair spray is pretty clever like a clingfilm for hair. hair spray has tiny little particles that harden and hold hair in place. It can be a lifesaver if you have a complicated hair style (Think wedding hair) and want it to hold all day long works great at holding curls too. These particles do not the leave the hair unless they are washed out, some do come out when brushed but the product won't completely leave until its shampooed out or unfortunately rained on.

Heat Protector. 

I suggest everyone should use this if you use heat on your hair, hair dryer, straighteners anything. You don't notice the difference until you start using one. These have small little particles that defend your hair and our heat resistant. I love using these, It's really hard to tell the difference as they don't leave a residue but almost always leave your hair smelling beautiful!

Dry Shampoo!

Everyone loves Dry shampoo! The concept behind it is pretty much like  shampoo but instead of washing out the grease/dirt it just absorbs it. I find these getting better and better every time they release a new one, they come in all different colours some add volume and shine. Very cool. But they also do the exactly same thing talcum powder does?

This is all I can really think of at the moment if you would like me to add more I can do :)  

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!



  1. I have heard the thing about talc powder being the same as dry shampoo but the idea of putting talcum powder on my hair grosses me out slightly lol.

    Have you tried it? Does it work?
    It would be so much cheaper if it did!

    Salli x

  2. I've done a similar post over on my blog :)
    Totally agree about using a heat defence spray!
    Kate x