Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hair Lessons - Chapter One - The Hair.

Hello Lovelies, I am starting something a little bit new today. Every Wednesday of every week I will be doing a 'Hair Lesson' for as long as I can teaching you guys what I know about best, The hair on your head!, Just so you don't think I'm mumbling on about a load of things I know nothing about, I studied hairdressing from the age of 14-19 in which time I received a level 1, 2 and 3 in City and Guild Hairdressing with flying colours may I add. Very cool time of my life, lots of experimenting with my own barnet included. The thing I enjoyed the most wasn't cutting or colouring. It was the science behind your hair, why it does the things it does, why some people have curly hair? what are all the different parts called? and that's what I'm here to tell you, hopefully with these basic lessons everything you know about your hair will be turned on its head! (see what I did there.) and your understanding of everything hair will be top notch! I suppose I better get on with it,  This first bit will be confusing but its incredibly important, I will try my hardest to make this easy to understand. Let get on with it! 

This is a single hair on your head, magnified by god knows much. It looks a little bit different, doesn't it? 

The Cuticle - This is the outside casing of your hair, it sits the same way fish scales do e.g one slightly over lapping the other in a downward pattern.This provides such a critical job, when the cuticles are open (usually when shampooed shampoo opens cuticles did you know that? or damaged.) they allow in moisture whether it be water, hair dye, conditioner or a chemical e.g perm lotion, then when they close they seal in what ever got in. 

When hair is in a really good condition and it is looked at under a micro scope all the cuticles will be laying flat and down away from the head, but, sadly when the hair has been mistreated, straightening, dying, perming ect. ect. the cuticles will become broke and stick up. Ever heard of split ends?!

This part of the hair is transparent so it has nothing to do with the colour (but the colour is seen through it) and it protects everything inside the hair. Very clever!

The Cortex - This amazing bit of your hair is where the melanin is which is the colour of your hair is made this part also holds moisture. When you dye your hair the cuticles open and the dye then gets into the Cortex and dyes all your natural melanin, this is also the same thing that happens when your conditioning your hair.

This part of your hair also contains something called keratin you've probably seen it on a lot of hair products but do you know what it is? Its a protein that your hair creates polypeptide chains. These chains can be temporary broken which is what we all do when we straighten or curl our hair. Or these can be permanently broken and then the chains set completely different like a perm would.

 One of the best tips I was ever given was to shampoo and then lightly towel dry your hair before you condition it. Why? it opens up the Cuticles even more so more moisture can get to the Cortex! Incredibly clever! 

The Medulla - Now, not much is known about the Medulla. In fact its not even found in some hair types. It's probably unnecessary to add but its always in every structural photo. 


I bet you never knew so much went on in one tiny hair, people really do dismiss just how cool they are, but maybe thats just me being a hair nerd! Lets just have a little recap! 

To have good hair you need to look after your cuticle as this is where split ends will happen this part of your hair plays such an important role so if you don't look after it you will soon know about it. You also need to look after your Cortex as this is were breakage can occur this is also where most of the damage is done when you colour/bleach and perm your hair so always bare that in mind

If you have any questions or suggestions for other lessons please do tell me!




  1. Absolutely cannot wait for more! :D

    Charlotte - x

  2. This is such a good post :) I remember learning about this when I was a Saturday girl at my old hairdressers.

    Sally x

  3. I love this! Really interesting :)

  4. Just read you're two posts so far. Love them! Wish i knew so much about hair. I alway towel dry my hair before I put conditioner on, now I know why it works so much better :)