Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bedroom Furniture Wish List

Hygena Dressing table - Here
NILS Chair With Armrests - Here
MALM Chest of Drawers - Here
DOMBAS Wardrobe - Here
LEIRVIK Bed Frame - Here
PS SVARVA Floor Lamp - Here

Oooh, another post that I don't usually do! They will be becoming more frequent as I've got tons and tons of idea's for them. I've been looking for new furniture for so long, recently me and my mum swapped rooms she now has a smaller one and I have the huge one, I love that my room has a HUGE sun facing window, which is why I want my room to be mainly white as it will just look even bigger and white is one of my favorite colours and if you can't tell, I sure do love a bit of IKEA. I was thinking either baby blue and pink accents or just black. I'm not sure, but the room accessories post will be up soon!

What colours do you have in your room?


  1. I strangely love this lamp! and because my room is monochrome it would suit too. Don't think I can handle the price tag though :(


  2. Oh I love that bed, and the bedding actually!

    I'd love a room full of white furniture like this, it'd look really fresh and open and you can accent it with little bits of colour. Great choice.
    My room at the moment hasn't been changed since I was about 12/13, it really needs doing. xx

    1. Ahh me too like i said I've got a huge sun facing window so having all white will make it even brighter :)

  3. I think that MALM dresser is a staple for all beauty bloggers. I've got it on my bedroom wishlist too.
    I really like the lamp, it looks really different :)


  4. Seems we have similar taste in beds haha! trying to convince the boyfriend we need a nice new luck so far :(

  5. Literally just did a post like this!! Love reading them too :) x
    Check out my version here if you like:

    I love white furniture too :) x

  6. The bed is beautiful! If I had my own way, with my boyfriend, and the way to do my house I'd definitely have a very similar bedroom.
    I love white furniture and I think they give such a classy edge to a room.

    Glad to have found your blog through #bbloggerchat :)
    Natalie Roseanne's Nails and Beauty Blog

  7. That lamp is definitely on the lust-list! White furniture is really chic, love it!

    Isabella xxxx

  8. I actually really want the malm dressing table! Seems so perfect!
    Hareem xx

  9. Your room is going to look amazing! :)

    Pipp xx

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