Thursday, 18 April 2013

Bedroom Decor/Accessories Inspiration!

So previously I done a want list where I showed you all the furniture I wanted in my new room, but since then I'm going to admit I've had a change of heart. I've never been one for modern things and shiny surfaces. It all started a few days ago when I was mooching around one of the many in my area and I spotted a gorgeous little white, gold and pink flowered thin china/glass plate. It really sparked off my imagination of what I would like in my room. I will include a photo below it will be the top one & I've also got quiet into pinterest once again, I used to be obsessed by it back when you needed a email from a member to become a part of it! And well, I'm in shabby chic love.

Can we just hold up a second? Did you see the art deco dressing table? I'm in love. I love it all I would like a bed that is all fluffy and frilly so when I snuggled up in it it feels like i'm on a cloud. I just think with a room like this you will never wake-up in a bad mood. I'm going to acheive this it might take me all spring and summer because I have such little money but thank the lord for one of my favorite hobbies! Carbooting and Charity shop shopping! I'll keep you all up to date with what I'm buying and stuff. 

What do you think of my dream room ideas?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hair Lessons - Chapter Three - What Do Products Do?

Hey beauties, today I thought I'd tell you the basics of everyday things we use. I know people will think, Everyone knows this! but do you? You can click these to go back to Lesson One and Lesson Two. I am really giving you the basic's here, I will be going into alot more detail on certain things as the weeks progress!
I would also love to know if you guys are enjoying this series?


We've all used shampoo before but its not just something that cleans your hair, the science behind it is pretty cool. When a shampoo bubbles up, the bubbles suck up/grab the dirt and grease in your hair and wash them away with the water you use to rinse. Shampoo also opens up your cuticles which is why you need...


Conditioner is also so important! once you've opened up your cuticles you should the condition your hair as it adds a lot of moisture, and helps keep hair strong it also helps add a shine and glossiness and makes hair overall a ton easier to manage.

Treatment/Hair Mask

These are perfect if you have damaged or unruly hair. I would only use these once a week and applying to much conditioner to ones hair can sometimes weigh it down, and cause greasiness. These are great left on for 5-30 minutes and sometimes even longer. Always pay attention to what the manufactures say as it is there for a reason. Hair Mask and Treatments are often a more condensed and intense way of conditioning your hair.

Hair Spray!

Yay! Everyone's Favorite, Hair spray is pretty clever like a clingfilm for hair. hair spray has tiny little particles that harden and hold hair in place. It can be a lifesaver if you have a complicated hair style (Think wedding hair) and want it to hold all day long works great at holding curls too. These particles do not the leave the hair unless they are washed out, some do come out when brushed but the product won't completely leave until its shampooed out or unfortunately rained on.

Heat Protector. 

I suggest everyone should use this if you use heat on your hair, hair dryer, straighteners anything. You don't notice the difference until you start using one. These have small little particles that defend your hair and our heat resistant. I love using these, It's really hard to tell the difference as they don't leave a residue but almost always leave your hair smelling beautiful!

Dry Shampoo!

Everyone loves Dry shampoo! The concept behind it is pretty much like  shampoo but instead of washing out the grease/dirt it just absorbs it. I find these getting better and better every time they release a new one, they come in all different colours some add volume and shine. Very cool. But they also do the exactly same thing talcum powder does?

This is all I can really think of at the moment if you would like me to add more I can do :)  

If you have any questions feel free to ask me!


Sunday, 14 April 2013

MUA Glitter Ball Pallet!

Hey beauties, I was wondering what to review and then I remembered that lovely Rach from What Rach Loves sent me the MUA Glitter Ball pallet! 


 I really love this pallet, The second row is so so pigmented much more the the first I also felt like the the first row wasn't as shimmery and slightly chalky, I do love all the colours though I'd love to find a use for the pinks and golds as well as the neutrals! 

 What do you think of the Glitter Ball Pallet?


Saturday, 13 April 2013

W7 Blushers Candy Floss & Africa

Happy Saturday Beauties. I had a company called Beauty Blush Box follow me on twitter so I investigated the website and then sell loads of make-up for really good prices! I picked up two W7 blushers. I wish I picked up all 4 that they sell but will more then likely pick them up soon. They were only £2.99 each and the site offers free delivery on almost everything. 

The colours I picked up were Candy Floss and Africa

 First up is Candy Floss, which is named a 'brightening powder' its a coral pink with a heavy shimmer that I really like. This powder is really build able and easily worn.

Next up is Africa! Isn't it gorgeous? I love the leopard print pattern in the bronzer! This would be so perfect as a contorting bronzer and I also think this would look lovely contorting on the body too, I'm thinking cleavage and collar bone as it contains a good amount of gold shimmer! 

I'm so looking forward to using these in the summer! I know these are supposed to be Benefit dupes, but I've got nothing to compare them too so I left that bit out!
Which one do you like the look of?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Spring/Summer Handbag Want List!

I always call these 'want list' because I don't need them I just really want them.

Zara office city bag -  HERE.
Neon Satchel - HERE.
Studded Sholder Bag - HERE.
White Leopard print tote bag - HERE.

I tried to choose 4 bags that would cover all occasions which I think I've done. I of course choose the Zara office city bag as I don't think I know anyone who doesn't want it! I adore the Neon satchel too and its such a good price I will definitely be buy it. I also love a smaller bag if I'm just popping to the shops or for days when I don't need to carry my whole life in my bag! I also love the huge Tote! This would be so perfect for a carry on bag at the airport, and great if you go on city breaks like me a my fiance do! 

Which bag is your favorite? 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hair Lessons - Chapter Two - The Hairbrush

Hello beauties, I know I said I was going to do a video about how to talk to your hairdresser but for some reason I've left this super late. Sorry! So today I thought I would teach you about different hair brushes and what they can be used for instead as this is stuff that's always at the back of my head and I know off by heart! You can find my First Chapter Here. If you click the photo of the brushes it will take you to a site where you can have a look at them :)

The Denman Brush.

This is one of my all time favorite brushes and definitely a brush everyone should own as it's probably the most multi-function brush there is. It's a great brush for everyday brushing , It also can be used for creating volume at the roots, curling the ends under (if you have a bob or face framing layers) and is best used on short or medium length hair, Denman brushes also have a anti-static cushion which is great because that means no fly away hairs. This was one of the first brushes I learnt to use and will probably love it forever.

Paddle Brush

This is a great brush for long hair as it doesn't get tangled. It also is amazing for blow-drying hair very straight and smoothly as it assists in lying the cuticles flat. This brush really is perfect for all hair types, Including fine hair and really thick hair. I love using these brushes on straight hair as the shine they give is incredible.

Round Brush.

These have many different names and come in all different shapes and sizes, These brushes are only used for blow drying the hair, they are fantastic at creating volume and curls as well as creating smooth sleek looks. It all just depends on how you use them and the techniques you apply. There is lots of youtube videos showing you how.These brushes are almost always vented, which means they have small vents all the way around which allows heat around the whole brush.

Tangle Teezer

Everyone loves a Tangle Teezer they are perfect for de-tangling hair and even better for damaged hair as they stop hair ripping and tugging when its wet and tangled. I personally love these brushes and now they come in so many varieties, and they have a new one called Aqua splash which I am perticually interested in! I would say you could use this brush on all hair types and on children.

Backcombing Brush.

These have only really just come into the spotlight recently but have been around for so many years. This little brush is perfect for a number of things and is also called a 'dressing out brush' as its really great for brushing out curls as its very soft and gentle. It's also great for back combing, as long as you only back comb in a downwards motion its fine(and the correct way to back comb)! The great thing about these brushes is half of the brissles are long and half of them are slightly smaller so when your back combing or dressing out your not grabbing every hair. 

So theres my list, and I'm sure you will be able to find at least one brush that you would enjoy using. I bet you never knew so much went into each brush? If you have any questions feel free to ask me I'm happy to help :)


*all photos are property of the respective website which I have linked to the photos.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My Hair Time Line - 30+ Hairstyles I've had.

Honestly I've lost count now, and I've got the worst memory ever but I've tried my hardest to put these all in order some are probably way off but I've tried! Also there is alot of hair styles I had that haven't been documented at all because I probably only had them for a week or so. I'll try and included a little explanation for a few of them because they are hideous. Roll on embarrassing photos of me at 13-15 blah.

  These are the photos I can find from the furthest time back, When I was 11 my mum and nan highlighted my hair and my mum was paranoid I would be allergic to bleach so they were about 2 inches down my head. gah, great way to start secondary school, my dad then took me out to get them done properly. He also dyed my hair purple like ribena purple and I think thats where it all began I then switched between red hair(the top photo) which I had for a super long time my hair was also half way down my back and bright red! I was about 13-14 then. then I went dark and got extensions.

 CRINGE. There's a few photos missing here, I dyed my fringe a multitude of colours, Including that lovely green. 

I then dyed my fringe blonde again and more of it, and got a bob this was the start of my short hair and I wish I documented this part alot better as after the bob in the right top photo and bottom left my hair was long on one side and pixie short on the other, It was cool I'm not going to lie. I then cut it all off and got the red do which I had for so long as I hated growing it out it was such a pain!

This is part of my growing out process! It didn't look to bad as I kept getting it cut into a short bob a la Emma Willis. but I couldn't leave the colour alone, this was on boxing day and a few days before I was in my room and I just literally poured crazy colour over my head. I am nuts.

This is where things get a little confusing as I had red hair for a mega long time. Theres also loads of photos missing from when I grew out the pixie because I just used to clip it up! I adored having red hair I also got the nickname as work of 'red' during this time!

I then cut it all off again and got highlights then dyed it back red and during that time it went ginger.

I then went full on blonde and hardly any photos of me where taken with this hair but it was around march last year this happened. 

This was the very last time I dyed my hair. I got some money and fancied some extensions. not sure why I only wore them to prague then they got thrown in the cupboard with the rest. 

And this is now! I 've not dyed my hair for almost a year! I'm so happy with myself, you can see how badly it affected my hair and how much thicker and glossier it is now. I love how my bleached ends still show through as it gives off a bit of a ombre vibe! Most of this is my natural hair now :) I don't  know if I will ever dye my hair again. I think I've dyed it enough for a life time now!

What was your favorite look!?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A trip to The barn, Includes piglets.

Hey beauties! How are you? How lovely has the weather been today? I live in a small town just outside of london, and each month it holds farmers markets, food markets and Craft events. I love this place as it is so beautiful and lovely just to sit a have a cup of tea at. It's a very quaint, kitsch little place and this weeks was a food market and farm with lots of baby animals! 

Eeeek! look at those baby bunnies, piglets and chicks. So cute at first I couldn't go in there because it was a kids thing but then the kids I baby sit appeared out of nowhere and I was the first one to offer to take them in, how could I refuse holding a piglet. I really enjoyed doing this post. So let me know if you like it as I will probably do more, there is always things like this going on where I live :)