Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Percy and Reed Colour and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey beauties, This is my first hair post! Strange really seeing as I am a fully trained hairdresser, The lovely people at Look Fantastic also sent me these sample sachets of Percy and Reed Colour and Shine, This post will obviously be less photo heavy as It would be impossible for me to take photos during the process! I'll add as much information as I can this is my forte after all! This is were the nerd in me comes out.

So Percy and Reed does what they claim too! look at that 'shine halo' Its what I name it when your hairs so shiny you go into some sun shine and it look as if you have a halo where the lights bouncing off you hair. I hope you can see what I mean by that! Now as much as I enjoyed this Shampoo and Conditioner it didn't really do much for my previously bleached ends don't get me wrong they feel soft it just didn't improve the strengh, but on my natural hair (the top which I photographed) It worked amazingly. So I'd say if you need a hair tamer or smoother but not a moisturizer this is defiantly a product to use! I also used no hairdryer this dried over night while I was asleep the only thing I did was straighten it just before these photos. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain raspberry oil and Pro vitamin B5 which explains a lot, vitamin B's are essential for healthy hair, what intrigued me though was the conditioner contains Aloe Vera extracts which you don't commonly see in hair products but yet again this makes sense, it a natural healer which when applied to skin soothes and protects, so its understandable why it would make a good hair product as it would do the same thing helping lay your cuticles flat and soothing and softening damaged hair. 
All in all I really enjoyed using these two! You can find them here.. Percy & Reed.

Have you  used any Percy & Reed products?



  1. Ive never used Percy and Reed, I always see them but am unsure whether to try them as I havent heard much about them! But I may just give them a whirl now....I love my haircare!!!


    1. Theres not really much info on them anywhere, But this one is pretty good!

      Jamie-Lee x

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  3. I've never tried Percy and Reed before but I might have to give them a go after reading this.


  4. Hi just bought the conditioner and must say it made my hair soft m had a lovely fragrance which lingers on