Monday, 18 March 2013

My £1 Bargain for Primark!

In this day and age everybody loves a bargain, the littlest thing that cost less then £3 always make me smile, it's even better when they are great! While me and Mr.Infatuation LOL! where out shopping he went into one shop and I into primark also known as A mans hell, does anyone elses partner despise primark? Anyway I wasn't planning on buying anything but they had just put out a whole new beauty range with TONS of things, but the things that really caught my eye where the false nails! They are only £1 and come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, effects they even have some pointed ones a la rhianna. So I picked these up just to test them out :)

I think they are so cute! Perfect for a little pick me up during the week if things are a little tight and you fancy something pretty! I really suggest you go and check them out as I really wish I got more! 

What do you think of my minnie mouse look alike nails?

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  1. Wow these looks awesome! I don't have primark here but when I go back to England I may have to have a nosey around the beauty section - I didn't even know they had one!

  2. These look so good, can't believe they look so good for that little money! My boyfriend absolutely despises Primark as well, he literally refuses to go in there with me and would rather stand alone outside haha!

    Kerry x

  3. These are sooo cute!!

  4. Those are DEFINITELY cute!! I haven't found any cute ones like that around me :(

    Vanessa @ 7Jaded Creative
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  5. These look great! I keep seeing all sorts of little beauty bits from primark popping up on blogs at the moment! Might have to check it out for myself :) xx

  6. Bargain! I don't wear falsies but if I did I'd love these :D x

  7. these are cute :)