Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Wish List - Benefit!

So for a change the next few Fridays are going to be a 'wish list Friday' I'll be featuring one brand and 6 products from said brand that I would love to get hold of! 


I'm sure most people have heard of this mascara and it's on the very top of my wish list! I have very straight short eyelashes that drive me bonkers, I hope this mascara lives up to its expectations!

I tried this primer a while ago when it came free with a magazine and fell in love, I love how smooth it made my skin feel so soft a smooth and it looked perfect! So this is another need in my life.

Oh gosh this is another product I've wanted to get my little paws on for the longest time, I'm a concealer hoarder and love trying new ones which isn''t always easy because of my pale skin, It says its 'industrial strength' which really appeals to me and the formula look rather thick which I LOVE (let me know if I'm wrong!) 

This one looks lush I love a good eyeliner with long staying power and real deep black colour, and this is what this little eyeliner claims to do. I would love to try it!

I love the look of this product! I also love the colours of the Highlighter and Bronzer together they look subtle but still there, It's also pretty cool benefit claims you can do both in one sweep! Not sure I would as I've got pretty high cheek bone but its a interesting thought! 

So this product is pretty new I gather, it claims to rid of dark circles and fade lines under the eyes, being a pale girl I do suffer with dark circles under my eyes which stand out when I'm not wearing any concealer, I also suffer with a little bit of a colour change around my eyes its probably a shade darker then my skin colour, so this as being a brightening cream might help with that!

So there's my list! 
What's your favorite Benefit Product?



  1. If you buy the benefit they're real mascara I suggest buying the mini, since you should throw out mascara every 3 to 4 months it's a waste buying the full size. I bought the mini a few times, $10 and it lasts me 4 months no problem, doesn't dry out either. I think it's a better investment, and you don't waste money. I do love they're real mascara!

    1. Thank you! thats a great idea although I'm not sure where I can purchase the mini :)

      Jamie-Lee x

    2. sephora and ulta sell them! I think they even sell the mini on their website too!

  2. I love that mascara! It's a but pricey but worth it! The porefessional is fab too! I really hated that eye cream though!! My undereyes have been dry and red and I haven't been able to fix them since using this! Hope this helps x

  3. Boots sell the mini version of their real :)
    I love benefit, the porefessional is amazing

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  


  4. I haven't tried the eyeliner and the eye cream but anything by Benefit is usually awesome. I got the mini mascara in a Benefit kit/palette, which is a good way of getting the mini mascara as well as a bunch of lovely products.
    My Beauty Junction