Sunday, 10 March 2013

Beauties Factory - Free Gifts With Brushes!

So as I very confusingly told you beauties yesterday when you purchase the 12 piece Woodland Brush set HERE you receive some lovely free gifts, I got 3 with mine when only purchased on eBay but I can't guarantee that everyone gets the same.  I've got to say I'm so so impressed with the make-up and will search out the links so you can buy them too :)

Beauties Factory Eye Brow Pencil.

Although this Eyebrow pencil is black its so pigmented, rich and the application is so so smooth. 

Beauties Factory - Single Eyeshadow Pan  - 426

This company is so freaking confusing, I'm not sure why they don't sell everything for the same place it also now seems they have a eBay shop just for eyeshadows?! Okay okay. I will indefinably do some emailing and find out all the details. They are AMAZING eye shadows so so pigmented!

Beauties Factory - Lip liner -  Medium Violet Red 

Ahh this lip liner is so so gorgeous, smooth and also incredibly pigmented and only £2.99?! that's pretty amazing. 

How pigmented are they? I really adore this brand I just wish they were slightly more accessible :( 

What do you think?

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