Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Beauty Box Swap With Rach!

Hey my lovlies! I've got such an exciting post for you today, A while ago Rach From What Rach Loves contacted me asking if I would do a beauty box swap with her which of course I said yes too! we set the price at £15 to spend, and got to work. I received mine today and I couldn't be happier she really got me some lovely bits! Also I'd love it if you would go to her blog and give it a cheeky follow she really is one of lifes good people and a absolute gem! Her Blog LINK.

MUA Lipstick Shade 5 - MUA Lip Boom Vibe - Soap and Glory Flake Away - Mac Pigment - MUA Glitter Ball Pallet - A card and some lovely easter chocos and my fav sweeties refreshers! - Hot chocolate face mask - Percy and Reed Finshing Polish - A Yankee candle in Tropical Coconut and a chocomania soap from the body shop! - 2 Mega mini cute Avon lipsticks - Nuit perfume sample and Outspoken perfume sample - My box!

Wow! Now thats alot of stuff for me to play with! I didn't want to take very indepth photos like I normally do and blow them up huge like I do as some of this stuff I'm going to review on its own! I litterally love the look of everything and I even love the box she gave me I think glossy boxes are so swish! Lovely Rach also sent my pup Lulu a little gift which I thought was just adorable! 

Here she is being very protective of her cheesy bites they are her favorite after all! 

Rach's beauty blog Link - www.whatrachloves.blogspot.com
Rach's Twitter - @WhatRachLoves

I really would love it if you could go check her out!

Have you ever done a beauty box swap?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Accessorize Shape & Brow Kit

Happy Sunday lovelies! The other day I was mooching around my local superdrug and came across the cutest Accessorize stand, I adore the packaging so I stopped and had a good look and swatch of the eye shadows and blushers, but what really caught my eye was this super cute Shape and Brow kit and it was £2 off which I think it was just under £4, I walked around with it in my  hand then put it back at the last minute, Today I had to go back and get it!

First off can I just ask, How cute is this little kit? You get 3 eyebrow colours which are fairly pigmented but can also be applied very lightly, The first two would suit people with a ash undertone to their hair (no red) and the 3rd would be perfect for people with redder toned hair and of course you can mix these too your liking. I mixed the darkest and the middle colour for my eyebrows. It also comes with a clear waxy/gel which is ideal on it own just to tame eyebrows or for using to set and shape, but by far the cutest thing is the little tweezers! mega sweet but they are a fiddle to use and get used too. This is perfect for slipping into a handbag or make-up bag as its also got a nice big mirror and everything you need to do  your eye brows! Personally I really like it and i'm so happy I went back and got it!

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What do you think? Will you be picking it up?

Thursday, 21 March 2013

TRESemme Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot

So if you follow me on twitter you will know i've been having a rough old time with my hair, I've got mega damaged dry ends from years of bleaching, colouring and mistreatment. I used to dye my hair ever single month, sometimes twice. The last time I did was to go over being completely blonde almost a year ago, so now I have really really dry ends but at the top where its all natural its lank and greasy but my scalp is super dry. Gah it's been a nightmare so anyway, I got an email from superdrug about the new TRESemme Platinum Strength collection, and it was all on offer for 1/2 price! I really couldn't say no when it claimed to undo 2 years worth of damage in 5 uses, I brought a few bits from the collection, but today I'm going to review the 60 second treatment shot! Honestly, take a look at the photo's I've used products that cost me a absolute fortune and still not compared to this.

So this is what the little shot looks like! I did also use the shampoo to match but I didn't want it involved with this as I wanted to do a review of them after 5 washes like it says, It also says this is a Concentrated Rinse Off Treatment and you should only keep it on for 60 seconds, You could keep it on more but I at collage I was taught to 'always follow manufactures instructions' They are there for a reason right?

Okay first before and after photo, I covered my face because I've been ill and I look like death lol, anyway as you can see in the first photo this is the state my hair has been in for the past 2 months or so, you can see just on my left shoulder a nice matted mess. I love that I don't but then in the after photo bare in mind this is naturally dried nothing else in it only brushed hair, it looks so much better right? I could get my tangle teezer through it with so much ease I like it!

So this is the second photo, This one is a photo of my most damaged area, I grew my fringe out and to get it just right I had to straighten it alot In the first photo you can really see just how damaged my hair was, look at all those split end sticking together? gross. The After photo just amazes me, bare in mind I hadn't touched anything but a brush! Smooth and sleek, less visible split ends make me happy.

Ahhh my ends! Look at that before photo? It makes me sick, all those split ends have split ends. I'm not going to lie being a fully trained hairdresser I'm ashamed that was on my head. Grossssss. BUT! Look at the after photo! look at it! amazing, They are so so so much better and it just looks healthier! 

So that was my review! I hope you liked it, I loved and had so much fun doing this post I'll try and do a follow up after 5 normal washes to see if its improved any more. I am so so impressed already this little shot is the bee's knees! I would recommend it to every girl and her dog. 

What do you think of this tiny miracle? Will you be popping to the shops for it?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

MUA Intense Kisses High Intensity Glosses

Helloo beauties! I'm so excited to write this post, I was walking around superdrug today trying to warm up before I walked back outside, It's mega cold right? SO as always I stopped at the MUA stand and had a little mooch. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted these lip lacquers and thought to myself, 'Apcoalips dupes maybe?' 


The first of the two colours I picked up was Sweet Nothings, A gorgeous barbie bubble gum pink with a lovely blue/violet undertone, the application needed 2 coats but it was smooth and non-sticky they are also really pigmented I LOVE this colour!

Second up is Kiss and Tell! I applied one thick coat of this for even coverage and it was exactly the same as Sweet Nothings it went on like an breeze only thing with this one is you dont get it on your skin as it does stain but thats not a bad thing right!?

So, although they aren't exact Apocalips dupes they come pretty close right? and for £2 each you can't really go wrong! there is also 8 colours in this range and without a doubt I now need them all!

Which one do you like best? Do you see the dupieness?


Monday, 18 March 2013

My £1 Bargain for Primark!

In this day and age everybody loves a bargain, the littlest thing that cost less then £3 always make me smile, it's even better when they are great! While me and Mr.Infatuation LOL! where out shopping he went into one shop and I into primark also known as A mans hell, does anyone elses partner despise primark? Anyway I wasn't planning on buying anything but they had just put out a whole new beauty range with TONS of things, but the things that really caught my eye where the false nails! They are only £1 and come in all different shapes, sizes, colours, effects they even have some pointed ones a la rhianna. So I picked these up just to test them out :)

I think they are so cute! Perfect for a little pick me up during the week if things are a little tight and you fancy something pretty! I really suggest you go and check them out as I really wish I got more! 

What do you think of my minnie mouse look alike nails?

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

MUA Lipstick Love.

Hey beauties, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a few days I've got a wicked sinus infection, but today I have to go to work so to get my bum in motion I done a little blog post. I apologize in advance if my words seem a little jumbled my heads all fuzzy LOL.

Shade 13,        Shade 10 ,         Shade 3


I loveeeee this red! it's super silky last ages and even leaves a little bit of a stain behind. Its a slighly cool toned red so it looks great on my pale face too :)

Shade 10, 

A beautiful sheer lipsticks it looks a little browner then it is in these photos but it also reminds me of coca-cola? does anyone else see that? its a lovely light sheen of colour that is moisturizing to the lips. 

Shade 3 

Again this one didn't pick up just how pink this lipstick is in the first photo but it did in the second yay! I can't wait for summer to roll around so I can wear this baby confidently. Lovely and light on the lips with a fantastic colour pay off :)

I adore these lipsticks but my number one favorite is yet to come and should be up in the week :) For £1 you can't really go wrong and I'm going to buy all 16 lol, I honestly think its so worth it!

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Whats your favorite lipstick colour?


Monday, 11 March 2013

Lipstick Queen - Invisible Lip Liner

Hey lovelies this is a gorgeous little product that the lovely people from Look Fantastic sent me to review, It's so clever and I can really see it changing the way people use lip liner.

Oooh, This is such a clever product! It's a lip-liner that stops bleeding and lines your lips perfectly BUT its completely invisible so you can use it with any colour at all, No more buying a lush new lipsticks and having to find a lip liner to match and no more having mismatched lip liner and lipstick, I love using a lip liner when I'm wearing lipstick as as you can see I have very full lips with a massive cupids bow. So lining my lips when using a lip liner can sometimes be essential. I really packed on the lipstick in the top photo to see if it would bleed, but it didn't. The texture is smooth and clear a little bit to thick sometimes and I only say this because the packaging is a twist up liner and the first bit I twisted off fell off then I really struggled to get another bit up! :) Genius product!

What do you think of this?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Beauties Factory - Free Gifts With Brushes!

So as I very confusingly told you beauties yesterday when you purchase the 12 piece Woodland Brush set HERE you receive some lovely free gifts, I got 3 with mine when only purchased on eBay but I can't guarantee that everyone gets the same.  I've got to say I'm so so impressed with the make-up and will search out the links so you can buy them too :)

Beauties Factory Eye Brow Pencil.

Although this Eyebrow pencil is black its so pigmented, rich and the application is so so smooth. 

Beauties Factory - Single Eyeshadow Pan  - 426

This company is so freaking confusing, I'm not sure why they don't sell everything for the same place it also now seems they have a eBay shop just for eyeshadows?! Okay okay. I will indefinably do some emailing and find out all the details. They are AMAZING eye shadows so so pigmented!

Beauties Factory - Lip liner -  Medium Violet Red 

Ahh this lip liner is so so gorgeous, smooth and also incredibly pigmented and only £2.99?! that's pretty amazing. 

How pigmented are they? I really adore this brand I just wish they were slightly more accessible :( 

What do you think?

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Beauties Factory - Make-up Brushes and Make-up.

Hey hunnies, I thought I should just give you a bit of back ground info on how I stumbled across Beauties Factory. If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen me asking a lot about make-up brushes and so on, then on eBay I can across a pretty decent looking set for £9.49 which you can find here! Then when they arrived they also came with 3 pieces on make-up as gifts with a purchase(tomorrows post) which I am extremely impressed with, more so then the brushes. but today I will just show you the set of the brushes I liked and didn't like also the websites disclaimer. Edit: I emailed the company asking why they sell from so many different places to which they said its normal standard and if I wish to link you anything then the best one is the actual website which you can find here 

12 Woodland Make-Up Brushes. 

                                  11 Brushes                                                           What Came For Me.
They look pretty lovely don't they! The case is also pretty good quality the only downside was it really smelt of plastic but as most people are aware its not uncommon. 

1st Photo - Powder brush - This brush is lovely and soft the only downside is that it's not very dense, I alway assume powder brushes to be big and rather fluffy. 

2nd Photo - Angled powder brush - I like this brush it's probably not as dense as I would like but I can see it doing the job well.

3rd Photo - Foundation brush - Oooh! now I really like this one its densely packed and its rather stiff which is a good thing in my opinion when it comes to foundatation brushes. 

1st Photo - Shadow brush #1 - This is the biggest brush of the 3 rounded shadow brushes, It's densely packed and rather fabulous, the main reason I wanted a new set was for these brushes!

2nd Photo - Shadow brush #2 - Ever so slightly smaller (really not by alot) then the 1st brush, densely packed. 

3rd Photo - Shadow brush #3 - Marginally smaller the the first 2 but same high quality. 

1st Photo - Tapered blending shadow brush - I haven't named these by the way, I'm getting them off the eBay page where I brought them, I've never seen a brush like this before but it kind of reminds me of a smudging brush like what you sometimes get on the end of a eyeliner but with brissles its good quality. There is also a slightly bigger version of this in the set but somehow that one slipped by me when I was taking the photos.

2nd Photo - Angled shadow brush  - Get brush will be perfect for blending and filling in the crease. Good quality. 

3rd Photo - Angled definer brush #1- Good quality smaller and denser then the bigger one above, will be great for eyebrows or eyeliner or cutting my eyeshadow crease.

Not impressed by.. 

1st Photo - Duo Fibre brush - I've got to say this is ment to be a stippling brush right? well its very low on density and really small, its smaller then the foundation brush I've yet to use it but I'm currently thinking it won't be that useful. 

2nd photo - Lip/eyeliner brush - I think you can see why I'm not a fan of this tiny brush its no where near dense enough to be a lip brush or a eyeliner brush and the little synthetic hairs have not been cut very well which is a shame as I could of done with a nice lip brush! 

So overall, the majority of these brushes are really good for the price. There was just few i'm not too keen on but then again this is the cheapest set they sell so they might get better the higher up the price. I also gave these brushes a REALLY good wash before I used them not sure why probably some OCD paranoia lol, but they've come up beautifully!

I'm going to add the disclaimer here just because I think I should. 


We guarantee the Authenticity of all products purchased through BEAUTIES FACTORY online. When purchasing your product at BEAUTIES FACTORY Cosmetics you can expect the following:
- Strict Quality Control on every procedures
- Exclusive formulation and makeup ingredients (beware of cheap imitations)
- High quality pigmentation of colors
- Private, original design and packaging
- Never perform animal testing
- All orders are processed and shipped out in the most secured way

Recently, there are fake and imitating products that are circulating and sold in the market. These fake and unauthorised products selling as our brand "BEAUTIES FACTORY" without our prior permission. We will reserve all legal rights against these cases.
To protect our customers interest, customers are advised to buy from our authorized selling channels and pay more attention to our branding logo as below. Fake and Imitating products will show blur and unclear logo on our trademark.




What do you beauties think of these brushes?


Friday, 8 March 2013

Friday Wish List - Benefit!

So for a change the next few Fridays are going to be a 'wish list Friday' I'll be featuring one brand and 6 products from said brand that I would love to get hold of! 


I'm sure most people have heard of this mascara and it's on the very top of my wish list! I have very straight short eyelashes that drive me bonkers, I hope this mascara lives up to its expectations!

I tried this primer a while ago when it came free with a magazine and fell in love, I love how smooth it made my skin feel so soft a smooth and it looked perfect! So this is another need in my life.

Oh gosh this is another product I've wanted to get my little paws on for the longest time, I'm a concealer hoarder and love trying new ones which isn''t always easy because of my pale skin, It says its 'industrial strength' which really appeals to me and the formula look rather thick which I LOVE (let me know if I'm wrong!) 

This one looks lush I love a good eyeliner with long staying power and real deep black colour, and this is what this little eyeliner claims to do. I would love to try it!

I love the look of this product! I also love the colours of the Highlighter and Bronzer together they look subtle but still there, It's also pretty cool benefit claims you can do both in one sweep! Not sure I would as I've got pretty high cheek bone but its a interesting thought! 

So this product is pretty new I gather, it claims to rid of dark circles and fade lines under the eyes, being a pale girl I do suffer with dark circles under my eyes which stand out when I'm not wearing any concealer, I also suffer with a little bit of a colour change around my eyes its probably a shade darker then my skin colour, so this as being a brightening cream might help with that!

So there's my list! 
What's your favorite Benefit Product?


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Percy and Reed Colour and Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey beauties, This is my first hair post! Strange really seeing as I am a fully trained hairdresser, The lovely people at Look Fantastic also sent me these sample sachets of Percy and Reed Colour and Shine, This post will obviously be less photo heavy as It would be impossible for me to take photos during the process! I'll add as much information as I can this is my forte after all! This is were the nerd in me comes out.

So Percy and Reed does what they claim too! look at that 'shine halo' Its what I name it when your hairs so shiny you go into some sun shine and it look as if you have a halo where the lights bouncing off you hair. I hope you can see what I mean by that! Now as much as I enjoyed this Shampoo and Conditioner it didn't really do much for my previously bleached ends don't get me wrong they feel soft it just didn't improve the strengh, but on my natural hair (the top which I photographed) It worked amazingly. So I'd say if you need a hair tamer or smoother but not a moisturizer this is defiantly a product to use! I also used no hairdryer this dried over night while I was asleep the only thing I did was straighten it just before these photos. Both the shampoo and conditioner contain raspberry oil and Pro vitamin B5 which explains a lot, vitamin B's are essential for healthy hair, what intrigued me though was the conditioner contains Aloe Vera extracts which you don't commonly see in hair products but yet again this makes sense, it a natural healer which when applied to skin soothes and protects, so its understandable why it would make a good hair product as it would do the same thing helping lay your cuticles flat and soothing and softening damaged hair. 
All in all I really enjoyed using these two! You can find them here.. Percy & Reed.

Have you  used any Percy & Reed products?


Monday, 4 March 2013

bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 4.0 The Wild Thing Limited Edition.

Here is the second item the super lovely people at Look Fantastic sent me. I've not yet tried a bareMinerals product so receiving this was super exciting! 

In the shade where the shimmer is less visable.
Top - Sesational and Icon, Bottom - Elitist - Controversy

Isn't this a lovely quad of eyeshadows?  I thought I better start of with the websites description..

'These cutting-edge rejuvenating sea minerals take shape in a sexy unprecedented new solid eyeshadow. There they are all lovely and lustrous just sitting there nonchalantly as if they weren't the new big shot on the block. Flaunting vivid, creamy bold colour, these implausibly gorgeous shades are pure allure. Better yet, this is colour with a cause. bareMinerals' minerals-turned-eyeshadows boast skin-revitalising benefits.

Powered by the bareMinerals proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral™ Complex, bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow delivers a softer, smoother, revitalised eye area.

bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow is clinically proven to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Decrease the appearance of puffiness on the upper eyelids.
  • Help boost moisture levels in skin by 81% for smoother, more revitalised eyes'

What I say..

Sensational - An iridescent white powder with green shimmer.

Icon - An olive green with a sliver shimmer

Elitist -  A light mocha brown base with silver shimmer

Sensational - A mix between a Royal blue and Navy blue with a very subtle light blue shimmer.

I've never used anything from bareMinerals before but if these eyeshadows are anything to go by I gather its a really nice brand, in the bottom two photos I have created a  look using all 4 colours, bare in mind I'm not a make-up artist or ever trained as one so the blending is probably not as good as it should be, but I'm going to try and improve! I used Icon on most of my lid then Controversy on the end blended down towards the lower lash line, I also used Elitist to do the rest of the lower lash line, Then with Sensational I just blended the top half towards my brown bone. Let me know what you think of it? 
Do you own any BareMinerals products?