Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day, A cute story and Twinkly Hearts.

Hello love ladies, Happy Valentines Day! I hope your all sharing the love today and giving it to those who deserve it the most :)

This might be a little cheesy for some but it's valentines day and I thought it might be a good time to post.

About gosh, 5 Months ago maybe more I was obsessing over Kleancolor nail polishes, you'll know if you've ever posted some that I would almost indefinably comment asking where they were from or that I was drooling over them. 

Anyway I was constantly obsessing over the website on which you can buy every single colour but it was in america and I was scared of spending a bunch of money and getting broken bottles or missing parcels and One night I was on the phone one night to my Fiance Matt..

And I was telling him all about these amazing polishes and ended up sending him a link via skype, so he could see (he was probably totally un-interested but he looked anyway) and we were both saying ones we found pretty or that looked nice ect ect. and that was the end of it I thought nothing more.

So Christmas starting rolling around and came and went my birthday, which is around the time my blogging slowed down as I was trying to blog via samsung tablet, It didn't work in my favor sadly. When ever I was over at Matts house he'd say 'your christmas presents in here' and wave a box about. I was so tempted to look but I like a surprise!

So Christmas day rolled around and I got my presents from Matt and there was a little box filling with lots and lots of individually wrapped little things. I know what some of them was as I'd asked him to get me a few essentials from E.L.F then I opened one and it was a Kleancolor! I was so happy. No joke smiling ear to ear happy. Gah, I love that boy.  

Later on that evening we were sitting down chatting, and I was saying how pretty they all were and that I loved them when he said 'Remember that night you showed me all the different ones I wrote them all down so I would remember what to get you for Christmas.' Tell you what girls. He's a keeper fo' sure.

Twinkly Love.

Perfect one to show you for valentines day, No?! Yes. I love this nail polish you have to dig for the hearts abit but I can get over that there's no way you could do it on every nail it would take a life time but an accent nail might look cute! 

Another thing I probably could of done this part in another blog buttt.. 3 is abit excessive for one day I think.
Also none of these kleancolors will be on my nails as I've just taken off my home made acrylics for a 2 week rest and they look horrific. 

One coat of heart dabbing and one coat of kleancolor clear.

 One coat black, One dabbing coat of hearts, one coat Kleancolor clear.

 Okay so that is everything for today! If you got this far well done you! 

Lots of Love to All the bloggers out there!