Saturday, 16 February 2013

MUA - Brush on Concealer Pen - Light.

Happy Saturday girls, Enjoy your weekend, I'm working all day today then all night tomorrow and all night Tuesday! Joys of bar work! 

Today I'd like to show you a product I picked up yesterday, For some reason unannounced to myself I have become Infatuated with concealers I brought 4 in one day completely forgetting that every time I got one I had already brought some. Oh well. 

So here it is with lots of lovely photos for you!

This Concealer pen comes in a really swanky little tube witch is quite slim and just professional looking to me. 

I adore the brush on the end the fibers are so so soft and the product comes out through the middle off them which I think is great as its minimalism wastage. 

As you can see from my swatch it was extremely orangey/yellow compared to my very cool toned, almost white skin, BUT I put it on anyway and it did look very very yellow around my eyes but it also covered alot of imperfection so I kept it on and used my normal  foundation and powder and I've got to say it looked pretty great! It's also a lovely thick consistantsy that you need with a good concealer! I probably wouldn't rush out and buy another one but I'll keep using this one till its empty for £2.00 its a steal!

What's you favorite concealer?

Jazz x


  1. might have to try this, the brush looks great xx

  2. I struggle to find the right colour with being ridiculously pale too! ha! Looks pretty good though :) I've been wanting to invest in YSL Touche Eclat forever but just can't afford it! Similar cheaper ones like this can be just as good though :) xx