Friday, 15 February 2013

Illamasqua - Beguile - First Make-up post!

Excited times ahead, I'm going to really expand this blog, Nails, Make-Up, Skin care ectect. This is my first post to do with make-up I'm not totally new I had another blog about a year ago that I ran for about 9 months so I'm not nervous, just unsure how it'll be perceived, So please please let me know what you think!

Ahhh my all time number one most favorite pigment in the word. I use this all the time and have had this one pot for around 8 months now. It's so worth the hefty price tag, I'm not into expensive make-up more highstreet brands but this is probably my exception its beautiful. I use it subtly in the day time and dramatically at night time and because its a pure pigment it can literally be used anywhere, eyes, cheeks, lips as a highlighter what ever you choose to do with it. On to a few yummy photos.

Ahh gosh, beautiful. I love the pink and baby green sparklies it took me a lifetime trying to capture them and I just about got them in the swatch on my hand. 

So what do you girls think? Interested in Beguile now? 

Jazz :)

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