Thursday, 14 February 2013

Firmoo Glasses!

Hello my lovely lovelies! I've finally got a laptop and I'm finally blogging again yay! 

A Company called Firmoo contacted me about 2 weeks before my laptop decided to give up on me, They asked me if I was willing to review and tell you guys about their optical wear and what they do. Of course I said yes! Who could turn down a pretty pair of sunnies? Not me. Anyway things got on top of me and then my laptop died and these sunglasses where just sitting on the shelf saying 'Please oh please review us!' and I really wanted to but the quality would of been rubbish! But now I'm so glad I waited, I love these photos.

On to Firmoo! Firmoo are a world wide glasses company who offer inexpensive, (not my idea of inexpensive but then again i'm a bargain hunter) but quality made glasses, they come in all different types, Prescription  Computer, Reading and Bifocals. They also sell prescription sunglasses! There is so much to say about this website it would take me all day to say, I hope that you take a look here FIRMOO

They are also the worlds #1 online glasses shop which I think is mighty impressive and I can totally see why. At the moment you can get your first pair of glasses free and in free world wide shipping and for VALENTINES DAY ONLY buy one pair of glasses and then 50% off your second! These guys love to give you a bargain that is defiantly for sure. Okay on to my pretties. 

Aren't they beautiful when I picked them I assumed they were just green but now when you see them in the sunshine they are a beautiful jade colour gah, gorgeous. I also love the cream bows at the side! how cute are they. One thing I have to say about these glasses is they are extremely sturdy and feel of amazing quality!

This is what I also received with the glasses, a great and sturdy plastic case, a material case with a draw string lid which is also fabulous quality! A medium sized glasses cleaner, I also got a small screwdriver and some extra tiny nails encase the sides become loose or you loose one! This literally took 5 days to come and I think it was shipped from Hong Kong it would of come sooner but the delivery man told me he was so busy with Christmas that he'd was a little overwhelmed which of course is understandable! 

So what do you girls think of them? Will you be checking Firmoo out for yourself? 

Happy Valentines day!

Jazz x

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