Thursday, 28 February 2013

My Most Used MUA Products.

Hey beauties, Thought I'd do a little blog post today I shouldn't really as I said I wouldn't post Tuesday and Thursdays but low and behold I am.These are two, Not very Exciting but essential items I use every single day without fail! Bit of a strange blog really. Sorry about that.

Gah, I've been using this eyeliner for around about 2 and a half years! I first picked up because of the price £1! but now its become a ultimate need in my make-up bag I often have 2-3 of these on the go at once one in my bag 2 in my make-up bag because if I ever lost one or was with out it i'd be so lost! The nib is so perfect for making a cat eye or creating a super fine line! I love it. An eyeliner would have to be something mega special for me to even consider putting this down, many have tried and failed. 

Ahhh I've loved this for a little while but its really got its feet stuck firmly in my make-up bag. I know alot of people don't like heavy cream concealers but I do for the longest time I used E.L.F's All Over Cover Stick in Light Beige I think it was called but constantly only wanting that and then paying shipping was starting to look a little pointless, So I went to superdrug(3 minutes from my house) and found this! Its almost the same consitantsy of the E.L.F one but alot less sticky, covers just how I like it! Heavy. This isn't the first and it won't be my last!

What MUA products do you love the most?


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Eylure Katy Perry Colour Pop Eyelashes in Ka-Ching (Peacock)

So the lovely people at Look Fantastic sent me these gorgeous Katy Perry eyelashes to show you guys. Enjoy! 

Okay so here they are! Aren't they amazing? For ages and ages I was considering getting lash extensions that had a 'bright' colour mixed in as it makes your eyes stand out more and that's exactly what these lashes do, For Blue/Grey/Green eyes you should try Ka-Ching(these ones) or Ka-Boom and for brown hazel eyes you should try Ka-pow or Ka-Ching(these ones), I'm always slightly skeptical when it comes to eyelashes and I get frustrated putting these on and I worried this is what would happen with these, But I said yes to them anyway (honest reviews ftw)  and I don't think I've put on a pair of eyelashes as easy as these! Took me literally a few minutes. The only thing I would say is they are mega mega long and luckily i've got alot of space between my lash line and eye brow but I can imagine if you don't these would be touching you eyebrow/skin underneath it. I tried to show that in the 2nd photo of my eye lol, Over all I think these really are beautiful eyelashes, and something a little different(maybe not for everyday use) but something a little different every now and then defiantly doesn't hurt :)

Would you wear these? and what do you think of them?


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Smooch Cosmetics - Lipstick - Merlot

Ahh gosh, I've fallen in lipstick love, this lipstick has awoken something inside me and is now telling me I need to purchase as many lipsticks as humanly possible. 

Can you see why I am so in love now? This gorgeously deep raspberry colour with the most gorgeous pink and purple glitter which you can see in my macro shot. It looks fairly light on my hand swatch but once on the lips it reminds me of a rich red wine colour like the name suggest. I haven't taken this off my lips since it arrived. The formula is sleek and it doesn't budge for hours! I ate lunch, went shopping, walked in some light rain and once I got in the taxi to come home it hadn't moved! Gah. I honestly think I am in Lipstick heaven. 

What do you think of Smooch Cosmetics, Merlot?  


Monday, 25 February 2013

Dainty Doll - Liquid Foundation - Very Light 001

I think I've only got the Dainty Doll Concealer to write up about left after this and then it'll be all about MUA for a little while! Also I've decided that I am not going to blog Tuesdays and Thursdays, but will try my hardest to everyday between!

 Dainty Doll - Liquid Foundation - Very Light 001

Sorry I've not taken as many photos as I usually would and I so wish I could of got one of my face before and after this foundation. I got a little bit of a shock when I first opened it as it was almost white then I looked in the mirror and I was like 'oh yeah.' silly pale girl! Anyway I don't think I've ever come across a foundation that matches my skin so well the bottom photo is it rubbed into the back of my hand it's defiantly a medium - high coverage. It's also got the most unusual finish not one I've come across before. It's sort of a matte finish but a little bit denser its hard to describe but it just gets better and better through the day and the staying power is mega amazing! I honestly couldn't be happier and if I see anymore for a bargain price I will be snapping the up quicker then you can say 'Dainty Doll'

What do you think of this foundation?


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday, 20 Things About Me!

Hey lovelies  Bit of a change up here I thought instead of a post about beauty ect. Today I would do post of 20 facts all about me! I love reading these kinds of posts so I hope you Enjoy!

1. My full name is Jamie-Lee Smith.

2. I'm 20.

3. I got engaged at the tender age of 17! Me and my Fiance Matt have been together for almost 5 years now.

4. I love to make the people I love proud of me.

5. I don't drink alcohol at all, It makes me incredibly poorly. 

6. I have a yorkshire terrier dog named Lulu, Apart from Matt she is my world and my little ray of sunshine.

7. I work in a bar although I'm a fully trained hairdresser passing all 1,2 and 3 NVQ's.

8. I suffered with uncontrollable Anxiety and Panic attacks until around 4 months ago, they seem to come in random boughts. 

9. I Love anything and all things to do with beauty, make-up, skin care yada, yada.

10. I've started a youtube channel THIS is my first video! Tell me what you think.

11. I'm probably pretty boring in most peoples eyes, but to me my life couldn't be anymore perfect.

12. My mum is my hero and my idol I would do anything for her.

13. I'm a huge lover, I couldn't bare to be in a pointless, silly argument. 

14. Although through my teenage years I was an actual wild child who drove her parents insane, you would never ever know it now!

15. I love beauty gurus and funny people on youtube! My all time favorites are Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter they are who inspired me to start my own blog. 

16. I love to take photos, My camera I have now isn't the best but I make the best out of what I do have :)
 I wish I took photography while I was at school. 

17. My fiance Matt is incredible, the 5 years that we've been together I've never been happier he's my whole world and everything in it. He makes my life so easy and supports me in every little crazy idea I come up with!

18. I love to meet and talk to new people! I'm so shy but once you get to know me you'll never shut me up!

19. I hate the thought of walking but once I start I end up really enjoying it and never wanting to stop I could just keep going and going!

20. I really love my blog and hope it becomes successful for so many reasons :)

That was incredibly hard. I'm not sure it should of been hard but it was lol! I'm gonna add some photos to the bottom of  this of me and stuff I like, well, just because I can! 

Nails I created for christmas
My lulu in the snow
This is random but its so pretty!


Saturday, 23 February 2013

MUA Shimmer Highligher

Hey beauties, I've always been a huge huge fan of MUA and they really aren't stopping amazing me, for the amazing prices you in turn get the most amazing quality! If you have yet to try them, you really need too as your missing out on something really worth while. 

MUA - Undress Your Skin - Shimmer Highlighter.
(I took some of these photo's in the 'shade' and some in the sunshine i'll state where)

 These two were taken in 'shade' 

 These two in sunshine.



How pretty is this highlighter? I love highlighter and this has got to be one of my favorites, I chose to do some photos in the sun and some in that shade as I really wanted to show off the shimmer as well as the gorgeous multi-dimensional colour. In the shade it gives off the most gorgeous pinky toned shine and in the sunshine it leans slightly towards the golden side of things, Subtle yet extremely easy to build up and blend! I also love the new white packaging, Oh, and the best bit? it's £2!

What do you think of MUA's new highlighter?


Friday, 22 February 2013

Dainty Doll - It's My Party & Saucy Sailor

Hey lovelies, Today I've got a double lipstick swatch of the 2 Dainty Doll lipsticks I brought with the rest of the stuff, these 2 are probably my most favorite buys out of everything, Minus the foundation which I was saving till last :D 

I'm unsure as to why but for some reason in the photos the lipsticks look quiet similar I think its the way the sun is shinning on them but you can see their true colours in the swatch above, It's my party is the pink and Saucy sailor is the red, as you can see from the swatch they look so beautiful against my pale hand you can really see that effort was put into these to make them perfect for palies which I love, I also love the packaging it's so classy! These are quickly becoming my go to lipsticks as the colours are perfect and the lasting power is amazing, I'd say I got at least a 6+ hours wear out of the pink! 

What do you think of the lipsticks?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dainty Doll - Blusher - My Glrl!

Hello Beauties, I thought I would show you the Dainty Doll blusher I picked up in the fragrance direct sale, discount whatever it was :) In retrospect I really wish I picked up a few more! 

Ohhh isn't this pretty? Its a gorgeous rose dusty sort of pink, its also extremely pigmented and easy as pie to build up. It glides on like a dream and looks perfect on its own against my pale skin! Gah, its amazing and like I said at the top I really wish I picked up a few more as its just mega fabulous. 

They are all sold out of F.D now but I have seen them quite cheap on ebay and amazon :)

Did any of you girls manage to pick up and Dainty Doll blushers?


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Dainty Doll - Mascara and Eyeliner Duo - God Gosh Miss Molly!

Hey beauties, I got my dainty doll make-up today which was mega quick as I ordered on friday night, I think everyone now knows fragrance direct have been selling it really cheap now as I checked this morning and it had all gone! minus a few eyeshadows so that all got snapped up! 

P.s don't you love the names?

I really like this mascara and eyeliner the eyeliner is slightly tricky for me to get used to as i'm used to a tiny doeish tiped eyeliner but nothings impossible, its a gorgeous rich black colour and I love how it makes my tiny straight eyelashes stand out!

So I thought I'd show you all a little look I did with both the mascara and eyeliner and to be honest for £1.99 I couldn't be happier! It's mega lovely!


Sunday, 17 February 2013

MUA - Eyeshadow - Shade 2 - Pearl

Happy Sunday Dolls! 

Just a little review of a product I picked up 2 days ago as I'd been using the Heaven and Earth palette for months and I'd ran out of the lightest colour. 

Isn't it pretty?! I've got to admit that I'm a matte eye shadow lover but these pearl eye shadows from MUA are so pretty! This one, if you pale like me, is great use as an eye shadow or a highlighter perticually under your brow or on your cupids bow!

Whats your favorite MUA eyeshadow?